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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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static void Main() { decimal amount; decimal rate_of_return; int years, i; amount = 1000.0M; rate_of_return = 0.07M; years = 10; Console.WriteLine("Original investment: $" + amount); Console.WriteLine("Rate of return: " + rate_of_return); Console.WriteLine("Over " + years + " years"); for(i = 0; i < years; i++) amount = amount + (amount * rate_of_return); Console.WriteLine("Future value is $" + amount); } }
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TABLE 15-1
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JavaScript is a scripting language used for client-side web development. JavaScript was influenced by many languages and was designed to look like Java but be easier for nonprogrammers to work with. Although JavaScript is best known for its use in web sites, it is also being used to enable scripting access to objects embedded in other applications. In spite of its name, JavaScript has very little to do with the Java programming language, although both use the common C syntax and JavaScript uses many Java names and naming conventions. To a Java programmer, JavaScript would appear to be a lite version of the Java programming language. The name comes from a marketing agreement between Sun and Netscape in exchange for Netscape bundling Sun s Java Runtime with the then-dominant browser. JavaScript runs locally on a user s browser rather than on the server, so it responds quickly to user actions. Further, JavaScript code can detect user action, which HTML cannot, like sensing individual keystrokes. The most common host environment for JavaScript is the web browser. Web browsers use the public API to create host objects, which are responsible for reflecting the DOM into JavaScript. A JavaScript web server would house the host objects representing an HTTP request and response, then a JavaScript program could manipulate the data to dynamically generate a web page. The following is a sample JavaScript program:
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Looking Back at DVD Peering Forward...Into the Digital Fog Beyond Blu-ray The Death of DVD Seeing Double The Changing Face of Home Entertainment The Far Horizon
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UNI Identifier Physical Medium Speed Mode MAC Layer Service Multiplexing UNI EVC ID CE-VLAN ID/EVC Map Max. Number of EVCs Bundling All to One Bundling Ingress Bandwidth Profile Per Ingress UNI Ingress Bandwidth Profile Per EVC Ingress Bandwidth Profile Per CoS ID Layer 2 Control Protocol Processing Standard Ethernet PHY 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Full Duplex or Auto Negotiation IEEE 802.3-2002 Yes or No. Defines whether multiple services can be on the UNI A string used identify an EVC, e.g., NYCBldg1Rm102Slot22Port3EVC3 Mapping table of customer VLAN IDs to EVC The maximum number of EVCs allowed per UNI No or Yes. Specifies that one or more customer VLAN IDs are mapped to an EVC at the UNI No or Yes (all customer VLAN IDs are mapped to an EVC at the UNI). None or <CIR, CBS, EIR, EBS>. This Bandwidth profile applies to all frames across the UNI. None or <CIR, CBS, EIR, EBS>. This Bandwidth profile applies to all frames over particular EVC. None or <CIR, CBS, EIR, EBS>. This Bandwidth profile applies to all frames marked with a particular CoS ID over an EVC. Discard, Peer or Pass to EVC per protocol
Physical Infrastructure
5. Calculate the area under the given function and above the x-axis over the indicated interval. [4, 6] (a) f (x) = x 2 2x + 6 (b) g (x) = sin x cos x [0, /3] 2 [2, 3] (c) h(x) = xe x [e, e 2 ] (d) k(x) = ln x x
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