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The console is divided up into four major sections: User Configurations These configurations allow administrators to tailor particular settings for the users based on their geographic locations or business roles. The settings of the other three nodes are used to create user configurations. Application Definitions These definitions provide the information necessary for the agent software to supply user credentials to applications, and to detect error conditions if they occur. Application definition templates are supplied with Password Manager to speed this process. Customized definitions can be created for applications that cannot use these templates. Password Policies Password policies control password length and the type and variety of characters used in both user-defined and automatically generated passwords. From here, character exclusions, password history, and password complexity rules can be set. Typically these settings are mirrored with company security policies regarding passwords. Identity Verification Security questions provide an added layer of security to the agent software by protecting against user impersonation, unauthorized password changes, and unauthorized account unlocking. Users who enroll and answer these security questions can later answer those questions to verify their identity and perform self-service tasks in their account, such as resetting their primary password or unlocking their user account.
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Because the return type of GetOb( ) is T, which was replaced by int when iOb was declared, the return type of GetOb( ) is also int. Thus, this value can be assigned to an int variable.
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SomeOp<int> intDel = Sum;
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ob.seti(1900); cout << ob.geti(); return 0; }
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Thin clients, as we ve mentioned before, are client computers that have no hard drives, no DVD-ROM drives, and simply display what s on the server. Thins may have a role in your organization, but likely only if you have an in-house cloud. Of course, it depends on what applications and services you re accessing on the cloud. If a client only needs to access cloud-based services or is accessing a virtualized server, then thin clients are a great option. They re less expensive than thick clients, are much less expensive to maintain, and use less energy. There s also a high level of security, because no data is stored on the thin client. All the data resides in your datacenter or on the cloud, so the risk of a physical breach is small.
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Routine, Diagnostic, and Preservation Design
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Appendix A
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Fig. 4.13 Electromagnets
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