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In light of the technologies and standards just described, the evolution of fiber-based Ethernet transmission is now taking shape. Today, the primary drivers for Ethernet services over fiber/WDM are the rapid growth in corporate data-center needs and much-improved end-user access technologies [2]. These developments have yielded substantial increases in data traffic volumes and forced carriers to look for improved services scalability and lower costs both capital and operational. Consider some details briefly. The residential sector has seen the adoption of many last-mile broadband access solutions with multimegabit speeds. For example, most cable operators have aggressively deployed high-speed data-over-cable solutions and migrated their infrastructures to highly scalable hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) setups. Meanwhile, competing incumbents have rolled out various DSL schemes to deliver improved data (and some video) services. Furthermore, many incumbents are even starting to deploy fiber-based Passive Optical Networks (PON), raising the bar to genuine gigabit-level scalability. Concurrently, various high-speed wireless technologies are maturing rapidly, including WiMAX (IEEE 802.16). All of these build-outs have shown a strong unifying trend toward low-cost packet-based delivery and bundled triple-play services, for example, voice, video, and data. These changes have propelled IP/Ethernet data volumes well beyond legacy voice levels, generating large back-haul requirements. Meanwhile, the corporate space has also seen its share of transitions. In the last decade, more and more business activities have moved online, including sales, support, accounting, and training. As businesses have expanded their operations, the need for reliable data sharing and access across dispersed MAN/WAN regions has surged. In turn, these developments have driven up corporate bandwidth requirements and stringencies as embodied by applications such as LAN extension, storage area networks (SAN), and virtual private networks (VPN) (see also Sections 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 ). A noteworthy trend here is the reversal of the 80/20 traffic rule, where nearly 80 percent of traffic now heads into the network core. In the past, corporations have used separate technologies for their internal communication needs. For example, voice calls were supported by TDM branch exchanges whereas data services (e-mail, ftp, and Web) were heavily Ethernet-based. However businesses are now moving toward converged setups that leverage Ethernet s cost-effectiveness, port scalability, and ease-of-use/ maintenance. Some telling examples include the migration of TDM voice to Voice over IP (VoIP) and new packet video services. In light of this shift, there is a pressing need to extend Ethernet as a service beyond the enterprise in a manner that preserves its ubiquity and cost efficiency. Ethernet extension has usually been done using traditional TDM-based leased line or direct dark fiber provisioning. In particular, leased line services run at slower T1 or OC-3 speeds and require costly intermediate protocol gears such as Frame Relay
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static Local Variables
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Figure 27-12. Firewall tab: Service Policy Rules element
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Fig. 7.6 Three-Phase AC
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The string class meets all of the basic requirements to be a container. Thus it supports the common container functions, such as begin( ), end( ), and size( ). It also supports iterators. Thus, a string object can also be manipulated by the STL algorithms. Here is a simple example.
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Figure 8-17 Optical ber transmits diagnostic data to headend for analysis and recording
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Besides the derivative, the other big idea in calculus is the integral. A way of adding or amalgamating infinite quantities, integration is a powerful tool in mathematical physics, engineering, and many other disciplines. Central to the importance of the integral is the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus---which links differentiation and integration. The fact that we can use the derivative to compute the integral changes the face of the subject.
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Error Handling
4.Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR) PCR, CDVT
As you know, array indexing is performed using the [ ] operator. It is possible to overload the [ ] operator for classes that you create, but you don t use an operator method. Instead, you create an indexer. An indexer allows an object to be indexed like an array. The main use of indexers is to support the creation of specialized arrays that are subject to one or more constraints. However, you can use an indexer for any purpose for which an array-like syntax is beneficial. Indexers can have one or more dimensions. We will begin with one-dimensional indexers. One-dimensional indexers have this general form: element-type this[int index] { // The get accessor. get { // return the value specified by index } } // The set accessor. set { // set the value specified by index } }
Cleanup and Disposal
number of medications prescribed, and the lowest dose needed 2. Blood levels of anticonvulsants should be measured every trimester and prior to delivery to maintain a therapeutic range 3. Patients should be screened for neural tube defects and other fetal anomalies associated with anticonvulsants What is the effect of anticonvulsants on vitamin K levels Many of the anticonvulsants, particularly phenytoin, induce a deficiency of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors (II, VI, IX, X). This places the patient and her fetus at risk for hemorrhage. The patient should receive vitamin K supplementation (10 mg/day) from week 36 until delivery, and the newborn should also receive an IM injection of vitamin K after delivery
Chemistry: Matter and Change 9
Continuing What You ve Started
Wide Area Network Technologies The three most common WAN technologies are private leased lines, and the X.25 and frame relay public packet-switched networks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, summarized in Table 14.5, and all are widely deployed.
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It follows that q1 = 90 veri es Eq. (7.93). Now, substituing this value of q into Eq. (7.94) leads to ccw = Acam tcam ccam d3 ccam . Acwtcw 2 d2 + d3 (7.95)
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