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TABLE 3.18
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Artifacts and Anti-Aliasing
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Here, access is optional. However, if present, it must be either public, private, or protected. You will learn more about these options later in this chapter. For now, all inherited classes will use public. Using public means that all the public members of the base class will also be public members of the derived class. Therefore, in the preceding example, members of truck have access to the public member functions of road_vehicle, just as if they had been declared inside truck. However, truck does not have access to the private members of road_vehicle. For example, truck does not have access to wheels. Here is a program that uses inheritance to create two subclasses of road_vehicle. One is truck and the other is automobile.
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Passive sensors monitor some condition in the environment. They don t introduce anything into the environment; they simply sense what is happening around them. A thermometer and a photocell are everyday examples of passive sensors. If connected to a household heating system, a thermometer s findings are reported to a simple circuit in a household thermostat to tell the heater when to turn on or off. Similar circuits are used to control air conditioners in warm climates. Photocells monitor ambient light to sense how bright it is. These are used in street lights to sense when the lights are no longer needed a circuit turns off the lights when the sun comes up. Similarly, when the sun goes down at night, the light level drops to a predetermined level and a circuit turns the lights back on. Another type of passive sensor is the passive infrared (PIR) sensor, sometimes called a pyroelectric sensor. These sensors are commonly used to detect the presence of a person and activate a circuit. They can control lights within a room or outside a house, or they can be used as a burglar alarm. The sensor is a small crystal mounted within the housing that can sense the infrared radiation emitted by a person. The sensor has a circuit that charges the crystal, and the presence of the radiation discharges the crystal, which is detected by another circuit. This is called the pyroelectric effect. The radiation is focused upon the crystal by a row of Fresnel lenses that cause a series of signal peaks as a person moves by. Several autonomous robots have used these sensors to detect heat emissions from their surroundings. For combat robots, an electronic thermometer can be used to monitor the internal temperature, the temperature of the motors, or batteries. If the temperature gets too high, cooling motors can turn on or the power requirements can be reduced to avoid overheating. A tilt sensor can be used to monitor whether the robot gets flipped upside down. Once the sensor detects a flip, it can initiate an arm or piston that will flip the robot right side up. Or, if the robot was designed to run upside down, the tilt sensor can be used to reverse steering controls, since an upside-down robot will turn in opposite directions than a right-side-up robot. Another type of passive sensors that can be used are acoustic sensors that can listen for the motors of the opponent robot. These sensors can help guide your robot toward its opponent. The most complex-passive sensor is a charged coupled device (CCD) camera that is used to see the environment. CCD cameras are part of a vision system. When used alone, they require advanced object-recognition software and usually a dedicated computer. They can also be used with active sensors to help simplify the computational software. Vision systems are most commonly found at robot soccer events. Recently, CCD cameras have been used to detect flames in the Trinity College Fire Fighting contest, and some members of the Seattle Robotics Society have developed methods to use CCD cameras and simple microcontrollers to see the lines in line-following contests.
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reserved for the actual data being written. At the conclusion of the write operation, a Lead-Out Area is created to indicate the end of the recording session. The table of contents, located on the innermost track, remains unrecorded until all required sessions have been written and the disc can be xed, which compiles the table of contents and provides full access to all sessions.
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After the root ports are chosen, each switch will figure out, on a segment-bysegment basis, whether its connected port to the segment should be a designated port or not. Remember that the designated port on a segment is responsible for moving traffic back and forth between the segment and the rest of the layer 2 network. The segments themselves, of course, are completely unaware of this process of choosing a designated port the switches are figuring this out. When choosing a designated port, the first thing that is examined is the accumulated path cost for the switch (connected to the segment) to reach the root. For two switches connected to the same segment, the switch with the lowest accumulated path cost will be the designated switch for that segment and its port connected to that segment becomes a designated port.
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2. If you want to export only specific objects of your document, select the object(s) you
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Examples: IsNumber([Country]) returns false (0). IsNumber(125) returns true (1). IsNumber([Revenue]) returns true (1).
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It is very important to make this determination early in the installation process and decide if a single- or dual-server architecture will be used. If an existing Microsoft SQL Server installation will be used, verify and note the SQL version, including service packs. Also ensure that enough disk space for the creation and storage of the EdgeSight database and logs is available. The default file group size for the EdgeSight database files is 500MB, and the log file group size is also 500MB. The EdgeSight database is made up of one primary database file and seven additional database files, labeled FG1 FG7. Each of these database files will be 500MB in size per a default configuration.
cos x ln 3 sin x sin x (d) ln 3 cos x ln 3 cos x (e) sin x d x ln x 3 equals The derivative dx (a) ln 3 [x ln x] (b) (x ln x) 3x ln x 1 (c) 3x ln x (d) ln 3 [1 + ln x] (e) ln 3 [1 + ln x] 3x ln x (c) The value of the limit limh 0 (1 + h2 )1/ h is (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 67. e e 1 1/e e2 1 x 2 ln x is ex
object-group command. The following is the syntax of this command:
ModifyConnection (MDCX) Command
emits a gamma ray. A gamma ray detector counts the rate at which gamma rays are emitted. The decay rate of a radioisotope is often expressed in counts per min (cpm). Consider 87Srm, a metastable isomer of strontium that undergoes
Placing a water sensor near a sump
This declares a variable of type addr called addr_info. When you declare a structure, you are defining a compound variable type, not a variable. Not until you declare a variable of that type does one actually exist. When a structure variable is declared, the compiler automatically allocates sufficient memory to accommodate all of its members. Figure 7-1 shows how addr_info appears in memory. You may also declare one or more variables at the same time that you declare a structure. For example,
Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
Virtual Circuits
Formula Types
p = v.begin(); while(p != v.end()) { cout << *p << " "; p++; } cout << endl; return 0; }
Built-in scalability, reliability, and security Deep instrumentation of end-user application utilization for analytics Utility pricing model based on end-user application use Developers and IT managers can leverage a completely online platform to build and deliver powerful, AJAX-enabled, multiple data-source web applications. Applications may be embedded within other web applications and pages, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, or delivered as stand-alone web destinations.
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