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Service characterization serves to assess and measure service performance according to administratively determined factors such as access rate, PVC configuration, and Committed Information Rate (CIR). Service performance characterization depends on making measurements over a time period to establish baselines for comparing trends and patterns. This process also can be broken down into a sequence of steps: 1. Link usage and reliability: Understanding the link usage, reliability, and error indication characteristics of the system under test. 2. PVC usage and activity: Assessing PVC usage, activity, and performance relative to expectations. 3. LAN stack usage and activity: Characterizing the internetwork by LAN type in order to tune the service. (This step is not always necessary, but may be desirable.)
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Private Network Technologies Private Network Technologies 325
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updated equipment, for instance), but to employees or guests it s probably irrelevant. It may also be confusing. What has the fact that it s computerized got to do with the fact that it will be tested on Tuesday It s more concise to eliminate it. Sometimes the adjective is redundant, as in this example:
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FIGURE 28-18
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Measuring and Drawing Helpers
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7. Which of the following has an incorrect application-to-well-known-port mapping
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Distribution Layer
Figure 8.3 To construct a PVC, each switching node must map information arriving on one port to a
The HCA PowerLinc Limited application offers limited control of your X10 devices and is really meant to get a flavor for your X10 Controller, or to run just a couple devices. If you want more control, and you like the HCA PowerLinc program, the HCA PowerLinc Plus program offers full features, but you are limited to a 30-day trial unless you care to buy it.
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