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User Specified Reboot
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Physical Interface
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Node or subhub
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If you consider light to represent a flow of particles, each particle is referred to as a photon (from the Greek word photos, meaning light). A photon has only energy and no mass; hence a beam of light consists of a flow of photons but no mass. The intensity of the beam is then directly proportional to the flow of photons; thus a higher-intensity beam has a greater flow of photons.
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Notice that o in ob1 and o in ob2 both refer to the same X object. Changing one affects both. Of course, the int field b in each is still separate because the value types are not accessed via references.
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LAB 18.1
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Use the copy commands to manipulate files, including configuration files and IOS images. Any time you copy something into RAM, the IOS uses a merge process. For any other location, the IOS uses an overwrite process. On IOS devices, use the erase startup-config command to delete the startup-config file in NVRAM. SSH should be used instead of telnet for remote terminal (CLI) access to the router since it encrypts traffic between your desktop and an IOS device. CDP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that functions at the data link layer. Every 60 seconds, Cisco devices generate a multicast on each of their interfaces containing basic information about themselves, including the device type, the version of software they re running, and their IP address(es). To disable CDP globally, use the no cdp run command. To see a list of your neighbors, use the show cdp neighbors command. The ping and traceroute commands support an extended version at Privilege EXEC mode. If you want to suspend an active telnet session, use the CTRL-SHIFT-6, X control sequence. Pressing ENTER on a blank command line resumes the last suspended telnet session. Use the resume command to resume a telnet connection. Use the show sessions command to see your open telnet session. Use the disconnect command to disconnect a suspended telnet session. To disable debug on your IOS device, use undebug all or no debug all. Debug functions only at Privilege EXEC mode.
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the image that you know should be pure black, neutral gray, or pure white. In the case of this image, certain areas of the bird s plumage should be pure white.
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to equivalent-sized cars, yet front grill and engine areas can be more easily blocked or covered to reduce wind resistance and engine compartment turbulence.
orphans, page-break-after, page-break-before, widows
Typography Rules and Conventions
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recommendation is to use virtualization technology to help reduce the number of physical servers required and to get the most functionality out of the less-demanding servers roles. By no means do these next few chapters map out the only way for configuring XenApp 4.5 and its components, or the order for building the components. Instead, they offer a solid guideline for implementation, with tips and tricks along the way to help you make the most of your deployment. The ultimate goal is to provide your users with the best experience in application delivery across a large variety of devices and connections.
Function Remove an entire cell or block, or invoke a drop-down menu to remove a row or column from a tabular block. Apply a filter to a dimension or measure within the existing block. Sort the data values in ascending order. To see the sort priorities, right-click the block and select Sort | Properties from the pop-up menu. Sort the data values in descending order. Insert a break to a dimension within the existing block. Insert a sum, count, average, minimum, maximum, percentage to the table or crosstab. Insert a row or column when you wish to add a new variable or formula to the block. Duplicate a block when you want to view the same data set in a different style. Apply an alerter to the block. The alert must already be defined within the document. The ability to define an alerter exists only in the Java Report Panel.
ment that will interface directly with other equipment in the network and that will have a specification compatible with the network operators performance objectives. Fortunately there is an organization whose role it is to create such standards, particularly to ensure that international communication is possible. The ITU-T has developed consensus standards that establish a minimum acceptable performance. These standards are necessarily a compromise between different network operators performance objectives and the limitations of equipment already installed or under development. Recommendation G.823, The control of jitter and wander in digital networks which are based on the 2048 kbitps hierarchy, defines a jitter control philosophy for PDH networks based on:
Cable Plant Testing and Maintenance Procedures
ACLs can be used for ltering of traf c through the IOS device
6: Information Asset Protection
char *env[]
Nested switch Statements
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