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Determine whether f is a function.
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To verify your configuration, use the show port-security interface command:
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server list on the remote (clear-client-config parameter), or keep any existing list on the remote (keep-client-config parameter). You can define a login banner for the Easy VPN remotes with the banner command. The banner cannot exceed 256 characters. The client-access-rule command restricts what client versions are allowed when connecting to the Easy VPN Server. The type and version information are strings that must match exactly in their appearance in the output of the show vpn-sessiondb command; you can, however, use the asterisk character ( * ) as a wildcard. For Windows remotes, you can define firewall policies that the user must meet. This feature is a precursor to network access control (NAC), but is still commonly used if you don t want to purchase an AAA server or a NAC appliance to set up NAC. With a firewall policy in the client-firewall command, you can specify that no firewall is necessary (none), a firewall is optional (opt), or a firewall is required (req); for the latter two options, you need to specify the firewall that is to be used on the user s Windows computer. This feature is called Are You There (AYT). With this feature, the Windows IPSec software remote checks every 30 seconds to see if the firewall is installed and operational. When req is chosen and the firewall is not there and operational, the IPSec client tears down the VPN tunnel, and the user sees a notification message. If you configure the opt parameter, the tunnel is allowed to remain up, but the user sees a notification message about the recommended firewall. Table 17-1 has a list of supported firewalls and their parameters. You can restrict what group a user connects to with the group-lock command.
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class Test<T> where T : class {
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The prototype for remove( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The remove( ) function erases the file specified by fname. It returns 0 if the file was successfully deleted and 1 if an error occurred. If an error occurs, then errno is set to one of these values: ENOENT EACCES File does not exist Access denied
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As mentioned earlier, normally it is easier (and better) to use a foreach loop to cycle through a collection than it is to explicitly use IEnumerator methods. However, understanding the operation of this interface is important for another reason: If you want to create a class that contains objects that can be enumerated via a foreach loop, then that class must implement IEnumerator. It must also implement IEnumerable. In other words, to enable an object of a class that you create to be used in a foreach loop, you must implement IEnumerator and IEnumerable, using either their generic or non-generic form. Fortunately, because these interfaces are so small, they are easy to implement. Here is an example that implements the non-generic versions of IEnumerable and IEnumerator so that the contents of the array encapsulated within MyClass can be enumerated:
The important part of the protocols is the call set-up and teardown. This next example is shown in Figure 7-11 and is described below.
The brown discoloration and pink nodule were found in a 72-year-old woman when her primary care physician was about to perform a routine rectal examination. 1. The bluish-white and brown discoloration seen in both dermoscopic images are a red flag for concern that this could be a rectal melanoma. 2. Rectal melanoma has never been reported and this represents a thrombosed hemorrhoid. 3. Multiple melanoma-specific criteria are seen in dermoscopy Image 2 (eg, irregular brown dots and globules, irregular hyperpigmentation, polymorphous vessels, and bluish-white color), and put melanoma at the top of the differential diagnostic list. 4. Purplish-brown color puts senile purpura in the differential diagnosis. 5. Since this is a difficult area to biopsy and the clinical and dermoscopic features are equivocal, sequential digital clinical and dermoscopic monitoring is indicated instead of making a histopathologic diagnosis. The patient should return in 6 months for a follow-up examination.
FIGURE 6.3 Transformation of an Attribute into an Entity Type
There s nothing more frustrating then running out of battery power when you re in the middle of breathtaking scenery. And some cameras are notoriously hard on batteries. Whether your camera comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or disposable batteries, consider purchasing an extra set. Another useful option is a battery charger that runs off a car cigarette lighter. It s almost as frustrating to run out of storage space when you re taking photos. If your camera has a built-in storage device, it can be quickly filled when you re shooting interesting subjects. If your camera came with a removable storage device, it is probably woefully small. Therefore, another useful purchase is extra memory cards. Some camera dealers offer bundles with additional memory cards and other options.
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c.Conveyor(22); // Error!
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Figure 5.4.6 (Continued )
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Using the new( ) Constructor Constraint
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