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Examples include the following: The Where operator could be used to return the revenue if the invoice date is in the current year using the following formula: = [Revenue] Where (Year([Invoice Date]) = Year(CurrentDate())). The Where operator could be used to return the revenue if the country = US using the following formula: = [Revenue] Where ([Country]="US"). The Boolean expression in a formula containing a Where operator can contain other operators including AND, NOT, and OR as in the following example: = [Revenue] Where ([Country] = "US" AND [Service Line] ="Recreation").
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Business Writing Should Be Conversational in Tone
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Kirchhoff s Laws and Resistance
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SQL Data Warehouse Cube(s)
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The public sector has been a major supporter, deployer, and user of various biometric technologies for years. In fact, these public-sector efforts with respect to biometrics have been critical to the success of the technology as well as the biometric industry. In 3, for example, Peter Higgins explained how law enforcement s need spurred research and development of large-scale automated fingerprint identification systems, like the FBI s IAFIS. The examples that follow in this chapter try to capture the flavor of how the government and military are using biometrics.1
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13: VLANs and Trunks
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5. Lock the motion detector into place using the locking ring. 6. Find the white (neutral) wire from each lamp holder and the white wire from the motion detector (shown in Figure 9-12).
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(Reprinted, with permission, from Stolz W, Braun-Falco O, Bilek P et al. (2002) Color Atlas of Dermatoscopy. Second Edition. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.)
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
High-pressure gas
This program produces the following output:
40 Average LAN management budget (66% growth)
sin x (x 3 x) x2 (c) (x 2 + x 3 )4 (x 2 x) 3 x sin x (d) ln x (b) 6. There are 7 grams of a certain radioactive substance present at noon on January 10 and 5 grams present at noon on January 15. How much will be present on January 20 7. A petri dish has 10,000 bacteria present at 10:00 a.m. and 17,000 present at 2:00 p.m. How many bacteria will there be at 3:00 p.m. 8. A sum of $5000 is deposited on January 1, 2005 at 4% interest, compounded continuously. All interest is reinvested. How much money will be in the account on January 1, 2009 9. Calculate these derivatives. d 1 Cos (x e x ) (a) dx x d 1 Cot (b) dx x+1 d 1 (c) Tan [ln(x 2 + x)] dx d 1 (d) Sec tan x dx 10. Calculate each of these integrals. x x dx (a) 1 + x4 x2 (b) dx 1 x6 /2 2 cos x sin x dx (c) 4 0 1 cos x dx (d) 3 + x2
Figure 3.6 Interior renderings for communication purposes, modeled and rendered in MicroStation TriForma. (Images courtesy of Design Village.) See also color insert for image a.
Pure rolling action between bodies occurs with basic contours (special cams) such as logarithmic spirals, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas (see App. A). Appendix A also includes the involute and Archimedes spiral curves. Note the Archimedes spiral curve is the straight line curve in Chap. 2. The proposition for pure rolling action of curves is Centers of oscillation should be located at the foci of the curves. Lengths of the arc of action of the contacting bodies must be equal. Point of contact must be on the line of centers. Figure 14.4 shows these rolling bodies in contact at point Q, and having foci F1 and F2. The center oscillation may be at either of the foci, if two are available for each curve. We see that the ellipse is the only curve that is closed and therefore the only one that will give continuous action. All other curves in contact will have limited action, i.e., oscillation. However, sectors of logarithmic spirals may be combined to give continuous rolling action. These bodies are called lobe wheels. Logarithmic spirals of equal obliquity, Figs. 14.4a and 14.4b, are shown in contact at point Q, pivoting around their foci. In Fig. 14.4a we see the bodies rotating in opposite directions, whereas in Fig. 14.4b rotation is in the same direction. The latter is obviously a more compact mechanism. A logarithmic spiral and translating straight-sided follower is shown in Fig. 14.4c. It can be shown that with pure rolling the contacting curve of the straight-sided follower is a logarithmic spiral oscillating about its focus. This is so because of the inherent quality of the logarithmic spiral, i.e., a tangent at all points makes a constant pressure angle with a radial line. A pair of equal ellipses, Fig. 14.4d, has pure rolling action which may occur for complete rotation of both bodies. For oscillation, sectors of ellipses are feasible. A pair of equal parabolas is shown in Fig. 14.4e. One parabola is oscillating about its axis. The other parabolic body is translating, having the same shape as the rst. The point of contact Q is on a line through the center of oscillation perpendicular to the axis of the translating body. A pair of equal hyperbolas, Fig 14.4f, may be utilized for pure rolling action if they are properly located relative to each other. Note the location of the foci with respect to the hyperbolas curves. Hyperbolas are an excellent choice where space is at a premium. One of the shortcomings of logarithmic spirals is that complete rotaion is not possible. Figure 14.4g shows a lobe wheel made up of sectors of logarithmic spirals or ellipses which will roll with continuous action. Although a trilobes area is shown, any number of lobes may be employed.
In early DBMSs, there was a close connection between a database and computer programs that accessed the database. Essentially, the DBMS was considered part of a programming language. As a result, the database definition was part of the computer programs that ac cessed the database. In addition, the conceptual meaning of a database was not separate from its physical implementation on magnetic disk. The definitions about the structure of a database and its physical implementation were mixed inside computer programs. The close association between a database and related programs led to problems in soft ware maintenance. Software maintenance encompassing requirement changes, corrections, and enhancements can consume a large fraction of software development budgets. In early DBMSs, most changes to the database definition caused changes to computer programs. In many cases, changes to computer programs involved detailed inspection of the code, a labor-intensive process. This code inspection work is similar to year 2000 compliance where date formats were changed to four digits. Performance tuning of a database was dif ficult because sometimes hundreds of computer programs had to be recompiled for every change. Because database definition changes are common, a large fraction of software maintenance resources were devoted to database changes. Some studies have estimated the percentage as high as 50 percent of software maintenance resources.
0.97 sec The mission of Hydrogen Now! is to educate and motivate the public to seek and use hydrogen and renewable energy technologies for greater energy independence and improved air quality.
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