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FIGURE 14-10
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Class Level 3
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Analyze and Conclude
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most important part of testing is to discover what parts of the test still need work, so that those parts of the plan can be fixed before the next test (or a real disaster). As with any well-organized project, success is in the details. The road to success is littered with big and little mistakes, and all of the things that are identified in every sort of DR test need to be detailed, so that the next iteration of the test will give better results. Recording and comparing detailed test results from one test to the next will also help the organization to measure progress. By this I mean that the quality of emergency response plans should steadily improve from year to year. Simple mistakes of the past should not be repeated, and the only failures in future tests should be in new and novel parts of the environment that weren t well thought out to begin with. And even these should diminish over time.
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Paragraph Alignment
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Local Area Network Management and Performance Monitoring Local Area Network Management 745
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y = 1, x x = 1, y 1 = 2, and x 1 = y 2.
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ICMP Issues
Sometimes the Rule of Thirds just isn t going to work out, so there are some other geometric tricks to fall back on. If you position objects so that they form, roughly, simple geometric figures preferably as simple as possible, a triangle that brings a sense of order to the photo. The same photo of a girl and a horse we saw in Figure 3-5 also hides triangles and lines that connect the two main objects in the picture with their geometric design and tell the eye where to look. See how in Figure 3-6. If you lack a handy geometric shape, some simple lines may do the job. Straight lines are a powerful composition force, especially when there are many of them, and they all lead the eye to the same point. Oh, and of course, it helps if that point is on one of the thirds and if the most important object in your picture is also located there. An S-curve, such as that made by the sidewalk in Figure 3-7, does not as effectively command the eye to move to a specific point in the picture as do straight lines.
Figure 9-6
<Table-Specification>: {<Simple-Table> I <Join-Operation>} <Simple-Table>: TableName [ [ AS ] AliasName ] <Join-Operation>: { <Simple-Table> [INNER] JOIN <Simple-Table> ON <Join-Condition> I { <Simple-Table> I <Join-Operation> } [INNER] JOIN { <Simple-Table> I <Join-Operation> } ON <Join-Condition> I (<Join-Operation>) } <Join-Condition>: {<Simple-Join-Condition> I <Compound-Join-Condition>}
Initial Router Configuration
Floating-Point Types
Huff and Puff
Figure 8.4 Flow diagram for evaluating load resistance factor rating (refer to AASHTO LRFR Manual).
See for example, James L. Wayman, Error Rate Equations for the General Biometric System, IEEE Robotics and Automation, 6.1 (March 1999): 35 48.
Security Issues and Guidelines
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