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DWDM at OC 768 and 80
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with x0 = a and xk = b. We require that |xj xj 1 | = |b a|/k x for j = 1, . . . , k. In other words, the points x0 , x1 , . . . , xk are equally spaced. We call
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PC Access for End Users This version is meant for system end
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Employee EmpNo EmpName EmpPhone EmpEMail EmpDept
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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The IsBackground Property
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Brad s company manufactures customized novelty items such as snow globes, tote bags, key chains, and other impulse-purchase and promotional items. The company ships orders directly from its factories to retail outlets, its primary customer base. More than 40 percent of sales come from small gift stores located in tourist areas in Florida. Almost 60 percent of sales are spread among various retailers in thirteen other states. The company has two factories, one in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the other in Phoenix, Arizona. Business is good and has been growing at almost 8 percent per year for the past seven years. As Brad explains, In order to sustain this rate of growth, we need to expand our manufacturing capabilities. The board of directors has decided that neither outsourcing the manufacturing nor moving the function offshore is the right move. The directors believe that outsourcing requires a set of skills we don t have and that maintaining product quality offshore is too dicey. The board decided to
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unsigned attr; if(_dos_getfileattr("test.tst", &attr)) printf("file error"); if(attr & _A_NORMAL) printf("File is normal.\n");
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// A simple example of recursion. using System; class Factorial { // This is a recursive method. public int FactR(int n) { if(n==1) return 1; else return FactR(n-1) * n; }
int sample[10]; An index identifies a specific element within an array.
iOb = strOb; // Wrong!
// A simple example of a generic iterator. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class MyClass<T> { T[] array; public MyClass(T[] a) { array = a; } // This iterator returns the characters // in the chrs array. public IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator() { foreach(T obj in array) yield return obj; } } class GenericItrDemo { static void Main() { int[] nums = { 4, 3, 6, 4, 7, 9 }; MyClass<int> mc = new MyClass<int>(nums); foreach(int x in mc) Console.Write(x + " "); Console.WriteLine();
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Select the tonal range you want to adjust. Your options are Midtones, Shadows, and Highlights. Drag the Amount slider to determine how much color adjustment is applied. If you only need subtle color adjustments, drag the slider toward the left. If you need to apply larger amounts of color adjustment, drag the slider toward the right. Click one of the thumbnails to have the adjusted image match the variation. After you apply a variation, the thumbnails are adjusted accordingly. If desired, you can apply additional color variations to further change the image. The After image preview updates each time you click a thumbnail.
int *ipa[10];
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