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These are being phased out by the widespread use of PCs.
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The easiest way to determine the server s degradation point is to look at the score column in the test results. For the Application Launch test, a score of 65 was determined as the fail point. For the Application Run test, a score of 90 was determined as the fail point. This means the server has enough additional CPU and memory resources to handle spikes in performance and provide a consistent user experience. When the test iteration score drops below the fail points, additional users added to the server consume more resources. This produces lower test scores and slower performance. On this specific hardware with a specific test (Windows Server 2003, application launch, Active Directory Synchronization), extrapolating the results allows for 139 simulated users to be concurrently and constantly running Microsoft Office applications and Citrix Password Manager without significant performance degradation. This is compared to 150 users without Password Manager installed on the server, a 7.33% decrease in the total number of users. This decrease is attributed to additional memory resources required by the Citrix Password Manager Agent. Server Hardware Configuration: IBM x-Series 335 Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Processors with 512KB L2 Cache 34GB Ultra 320 SCSI 3GB RAM 4GB Page File
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Meeting Customer Demand and New Growth Opportunities
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switch # show vtp counters VTP statistics: Summary advertisements received : 12 Subset advertisements received : 0 Request advertisements received : 0 Summary advertisements transmitted : 7 Subset advertisements transmitted : 0 Request advertisements transmitted : 0 Number of config revision errors : 0 Number of config digest errors : 0 Number of V1 summary errors : 0 . . .
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2. AKR Key 3. Password Manager Service
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Console.WriteLine("s format: {0:s}", dt); Console.WriteLine("u format: {0:u}", dt); Console.WriteLine("U format: {0:U}", dt); Console.WriteLine("y format: {0:y}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Y format: {0:Y}", dt); } }
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As mentioned, the messages that are sent in the SS7 signaling network are known as MSUs. Each MSU has the format shown in Figure 7-6. The Service Information Octet (SIO) contains the service indicator, which indicates the upper-level protocol to which the message applies (such as SCCP or ISUP). The SIO also contains the Subservice field, which indicates the signaling numbering plan in use. We will discuss this topic in more detail shortly. The Signaling Information Field (SIF) contains the actual user information being sent. If we look at the details of the SIF, then an MSU has one of the formats shown in Figure 7-7, depending on whether the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) version of SS7 or the International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T) version of SS7 is being used. Of particular importance is the routing label, which contains two very important fields: the destination point code (DPC) and the origination point code (OPC). These are the signaling addresses of the
Using the Color Blend Mixer
No matter how high you score on the Empathy Index, no matter how strong your reader focus, try to adhere to the Rule of First Reference, which says that your rst reference should be to your readers, not yourself. It s not always possible to do, but if you can, it s a good idea. Compare these two leads:
SCTP Endpoint An SCTP endpoint is a logical sender or receiver of SCTP packets. In protocol terms, an SCTP endpoint is a combination of one or more IP addresses and a port number. SCTP enables an endpoint to have multiple IP addresses, meaning that the endpoint can be multihomed (spread over several physical platforms). This concept is important, because it enables for fault tolerance in the network, something critical to carriergrade performance. Even though a given SCTP endpoint can have multiple IP addresses, it can use only one port number. Thus, if an endpoint has several IP addresses, the same SCTP port number is applicable to each. The combination of an IP address and a port number is known as a transport address. Note that a given transport address may apply to only one SCTP endpoint, though that endpoint may have several transport addresses. Association SCTP works by establishing a relationship between SCTP end-
#include <iostream> using namespace std; /* This program shows the difference between signed and unsigned integers. */ int main() { short int i; // a signed short integer short unsigned int j; // an unsigned short integer j = 60000;
Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
Even if an MMIC or discrete amplifier is designed to be unconditionally stable, poor PCB layout can cause stability problems. Subband oscillations (below the amplifier s bandwidth), out-of-band oscillations (above the amplifier s bandwidth), and in-band oscillations may all occur unless: 1. The amplifier is connected directly to ground. 2. The PCB board itself must be connected at one-eighth wavelength points to the system ground (and preferably closer). 3. Vias must be placed from the PC board s top ground plane to the bottom ground plane to lessen the reactance between these two planes. 4. VCC must be properly decoupled by using both low- and high-value capacitors for both high and low frequencies. 5. All amplifier stages with high gain should be shielded to prevent them from bursting into oscillation.
Common problems with native drivers are usually the result of selecting the wrong driver, lack of driver availability, or driver incompatibility. Check the following: Verify that native drivers are certified user-mode drivers. Avoid monolithic drivers. Many all-in-one printers use drivers intended for installation on a PC directly attached to the target printer. These drivers include multipurpose features such as scanning and copying that cannot be hooked through the appropriate ICA channel. Most vendors (notably Hewlett-Packard) provide a current compatibility listing of alternative drivers suitable for the print engine but without the multifunction support. For example, HP recommends the DeskJet 970 driver as an alternative driver for its all-in-one Office Jet printers in a Citrix environment. Avoid drivers that poll for printer status. Drivers for modern USB-connected printers typically include job monitors and status monitors that communicate continually with the target printer. Although the driver component usually works on XenApp, the USB port is not directly attached to the server and cannot be polled. Uninstall or disable status features or use an alternative driver. Driver names reported by the client don t match (character for character) the native driver on the server. This issue has existed through all versions of Citrix. Track the problem via Event Log entries and create the appropriate client-toserver driver mapping.
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The output produced by this program is shown here:
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