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If your sensor comes in two parts (for instance door/window sensors composed of a sensor and a magnet), make sure that you take into consideration placement of both components. For instance, when locating a garage door sensor on the floor, you must ensure that there is also an appropriate place for the magnet and that it can be safely and securely fastened. Affixing the magnet so it barely attaches to the door will present connection problems, plus it is likely to get kicked off when you come in the house. You must also take into consideration which component will be positioned in a fixed location and which component will be attached to the moving part. For example, let s consider a door/window sensor. The sensor (the part with the wires coming off of it) needs to be mounted to a fixed surface, like the door jamb. The magnet, however, will be placed on the door or window itself. This placement is necessary because placing the magnet on the moving object (the window or the door, for instance) allows the door or window to be opened or closed. If the sensor (the hardwired piece) were located on the door or window, it would only be possible to open the door or window a couple inches, if at all.
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public int UserCount { get; set; }
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Resource Manager is configured in the Presentation Server Console, and it tracks and stores information about a variety of activity that takes place on the server farm. Resource Manager is included with the Platinum and Enterprise editions of XenApp Server and is installed as a component of the installation. When installed, it automatically creates a set of default metrics and assigns limits to define the normal operation of each one. Each of these metrics can be customized to more closely match the details and capabilities of your servers and farm (see Figure 18-5). Because Windows Performance Monitor utilizes pieces of Citrix, Resource Manager is able to track most Windows Performance Monitor counters as server metrics. Therefore, administrators can check the overall health of the farm and servers from one location.
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Digital technology opens up all sorts of wonderful possibilities for the world of photography. The latest and greatest technology, however, often creates more questions for the user than it answers. The following list of commonly asked questions and answers will provide you with a basic overview of digital camera technology. Later in the book, as we get into more detailed discussions of camera features and image editing you will be able to refer back to these questions if you need to. Q: How does a digital camera work A: A digital camera has a lens and shutter, just like a film camera. Both types of cameras use a metering device to determine the proper exposure needed to record the image. A conventional camera records the image on film, which needs to be processed in a lab before you see the results. The digital camera s image sensor acts as the film, recording the information in digital format, after which the image is transferred to the camera s storage device. With the exception of the RAW format, the picture is processed in the camera, and you see the results almost immediately on the camera s LCD monitor. If you shoot using your camera s RAW format, the LCD monitor displays an image of what the camera recorded. Q: What is an image sensor A: The image sensor records images by converting light signals to electrical signals, which is then processed by your camera and stored in digital form. Digital cameras use two kinds of image sensors: CCD (charge coupled device) or CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). CMOS sensors are thinner and can accommodate additional circuitry for features such as image stabilization and dust removal. They also consume less battery power than CCDs. High-tech cameras with CMOS sensors feature built-in noise reduction circuitry, which assures you of sharper pictures in most conditions. Most digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras use CMOS sensors, although there are a few notable exceptions that use CCD sensors.
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As universities and colleges add courses and even majors in game studies, this creates a need for trained educators in the field. We will discuss what an educator or scholar with a specialization in game history, theory and criticism might expect to study. Ideally, though not necessarily, a game studies scholar would have practical experience developing games. Any instructor at the college/university level should take all courses in his or her field of expertise but, more importantly, understand the material at a fundamental level. Critical Game Studies: All courses Games and Society: All courses Game Design: Conceptual Game Design Optional: Practical Game Design Interactive Storytelling: Story in Non-interactive Media Optional: Approaches to interactive narrative Game Production: People management and collaborative development Optional: Business of Gaming: All courses
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Making a Template for a Digital Typeface
Understand how STP works: how the root switch is elected, how root and designated ports are chosen, and the different states a port can be in. Don t be surprised if you are presented with a diagram and must choose answers dealing with these functions on the exam: Review the Simple STP Example section until you are comfortable with the STP terms and how the STP functions are derived. Remember that the switch ID is created from the switch s priority and MAC address. Be familiar with how long a port stays in a particular state for 802.1d STP.
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SOLUTION We know from the Math Note immediately after Example 1.10 that the given line has slope 3. Thus the line we seek (the perpendicular line) has slope 1/3. Using the point-slope form of a line, we may immediately write the equation of the line with slope 1/3 and passing through (5, 4) as y 4= 1 (x 5). 3
1.31 Federal Regulations
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