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Complete the following steps to publish the database that you want to replicate. 1. Right-click the database name and go to New|Publication to start the Create Publication wizard. 2. Click Show advanced options in this wizard, and then click Next. 3. On the Choose Publication Database screen, select the database you want to replicate, and then click Next. 4. On the Select Publication Type page, choose Transactional publication. 5. On the Updatable Subscriptions page, select the Immediate updating option, as shown in Figure 4-2. 6. On the Specify Subscriber Types page, select the Servers running SQL Server 2000 option. On the Specify Articles page, shown in Figure 4-3, select both Show and Publish for the tables object type on the left side of the page. Do not publish stored procedures to the replicated databases. 1. Click Next on the Article Issues page. 2. Name the publication.
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an insertion point and begin to type. You ll see that the text follows the curve.
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The considerable technical and cultural challenges make in-depth project planning absolutely essential to a successful application delivery implementation. The first step is to set up a proof-of-concept pilot to ensure that the crucial applications will run acceptably on Presentation Server. Next, assemble a project planning team to prepare a project definition document. The definition document will include the project goals, scope, roles, risks, success criteria, and milestones. The third step involves a comprehensive infrastructure assessment that will both ensure support for an enterprise application delivery implementation and enable a meaningful planning process. Finally, a comprehensive design plan for migrating from locally installed PC-based applications to an application delivery environment will serve as a roadmap for the project managers and implementation teams. These steps are covered more thoroughly in 3.
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Data and Observations
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Interframe Spacing
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Eraser Width
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TABLE 16.7 Snapshot of Carrier Ethernet Compliance Carrier Ethernet Attribute/ Delivery Solution Copper HFC PON WDM FSO TDM SONET RPR Bridging MPLS WiMax Standardized Service Support Ubiquity Ethernet Services Circuit Emulation Granularity of B/W and QoS Converged Transport Scalability Millions of End Users Geographic Reach Bandwidth Granularity Reliability Service Resiliency Protection Restoration Quality of Service (QoS) Granular QoS End-to-End SLA Provisioning Standardized Management Uni ed Management Carrier-Class OAM Rapid Provisioning Legend: F, Fully supported; S, Substantially supported; P, Partially supported; M, Marginally supported; N, Not supported P P M M M M M M M F S S M M M N N N S S M F F F S F S F F F M M S M P M M N M N S N F S S M P M F F F M F M F F F S F S F F S P N M M P F M P P N N N F F F M P F F S F F F F F S F F S S F S F M P F M M M P P P F M F F F S P P F F F F M S M F F F F F F F F S P P F P P N P S P P N P P P P N S F P P F S F S F N F F F F F S F P S F M F P F F F F S F M S F F F F F F P F N P F
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Object horizontally skewed 45 degrees using bottom-right origin
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
MTU Size Adjustment
ACL Type
3.7.2 Suggested Preventive Action Against Excessive Fatigue
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Pressure Power
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