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Cloud Computing at Work
Notice that a handler is called if and only if SomeEvent is not null. Since other parts of your program must register an interest in an event in order to receive event notifications, it is possible that Fire( ) could be called before any event handler has been registered. To prevent calling on a null reference, the event delegate must be tested to ensure that it is not null. Inside EventDemo, an event handler called Handler( ) is created. In this simple example, the event handler just displays a message, but handlers usually perform more meaningful actions. In Main( ), a MyEvent object is created and Handler( ) is registered as a handler for this event, as shown here:
If your computer CD-ROM drive is configured to auto run, the CD-ROM will automatically start up upon inserting the disk. From the opening screen you may install MasterExam by clicking the MasterExam link. This will begin the installation process and create a program group named LearnKey. To run MasterExam use Start | All Programs | LearnKey | MasterExam. If the auto run feature did not launch your CD, browse to the CD and click on the LaunchTraining.exe icon.
Up to this point, you have been using one form of Main( ). However, it has several overloaded forms. Some can be used to return a value, and some can receive arguments. Each is examined here.
The current value of J is included in sender and receiver reports.
There is an additional switch that some EV converters incorporate into their highcurrent system, usually in the form of a big red knob or button on the dashboard an emergency safety interlock or kill switch. When everything else fails, punching this will pull the plug on your battery power.
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