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NOTE You will need Python 2.5 installed on your computer. Mac OS X Leopard users already
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Other expressions for health symptoms you may need to know include:
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7: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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AC overwhelmingly has benefits that make it a winner, in spite of complications involved. In general, AC motor controllers require more protection devices to isolate against noise, yet DC motors make way more noise than AC! 6 showed that the speed-torque relationship of a three-phase AC induction motor is governed by the amplitude and frequency of the voltage applied to its stator windings (the upper left part of Figure 7-4 depicts this relationship). The best way to change the speed of an AC induction motor is to change the frequency of its stator voltage. As you can see in Figure 7-4, a change in frequency results in a direct change in speed, and if you change the frequency in proportion to the voltage (both at , , , etc.), you get the speed-torque curves shown. Knowing the voltage and frequency ratio that you want to maintain allows you to calculate the voltage, current, and output torque relationship for any values of input voltage and frequency using vector math and lookup tables. In simpler terms, if you feed the speed and torque values you want to some sort of smart box, it can provide the voltage and frequency necessary to generate the proper motor control signals.
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disadvantages, let s consider their basic operation within a fiber-optic transmission system.
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Naming Conventions
Figure 7-12 SIP/MEGACO/ISUP interworking
Remotely Controlling Your Robot
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Software failures This can include any software problem that precipitates a disaster. Examples are the software bug that caused a significant power blackout in the U.S. Northeast in 2003, and the AT&T long-distance network crash in 1990. Utilities This includes electric power failures, water supply failures, and natural gas outages, as well as communications outages. Transportation This may include airplane crashes, railroad derailments, ship collisions, and highway accidents. Hazardous materials This includes chemical spills. The primary threat here is direct damage by hazardous substances, casualties, and forced evacuations. Criminal This includes extortion, embezzlement, theft, vandalism, sabotage, and hacker intrusion. Note that company insiders can play a role in these activities. Errors This includes mistakes made by personnel that result in disaster situations. Alongside each threat that is identified, the risk analyst assigns a probability or frequency of occurrence. This may be a numeric value, expressed as a probability of one occurrence within a calendar year. For example, if the risk of a flood is 1 in 100, it would be expressed as 0.01, or 1 percent. Probability can also be expressed as a ranking; for example, Low, Medium, and High; or on a numeric probability scale from 1 to 5 (where 5 can be either highest or lowest probability). An approach for completing a threat analysis is to Perform a geographic threat analysis for each location. This will provide an analysis on the probability of each type of threat against all assets in each location.
transfer function. A circuit is impulse response stable if the transfer function remains nite, that is, if lim |h(t)| < . We often look at zero-input response
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