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Jitter tolerance testing of SDH line inputs and PDH tributary inputs Jitter transfer or jitter gain of SDH regenerative repeaters Output jitter of SDH line interfaces Tributary jitter performance of SDH network element s tributary outputs
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You learned about equalizing charging in 8. It is needed to restore all cells to an equal state-of-charge (to equalize the characteristics of the cells); to keep the battery operating at peak efficiency; to restore some capacity of aging batteries; to restore floatcharged or shallow-charged batteries to regular service; and to eliminate effects of sulfation in idle or discharged batteries. Equalizing charging is controlled overcharging at a constant-current C/20 rate with the charging voltage limit raised to 2.75 volts. It is done after the battery is fully charged, and maintained at this level for 6 to 10 hours. Equalizing charging should not be done at rates greater than C/20. Equalizing charging should be done every 5 to 10 cycles or monthly (whichever comes first); only in well-ventilated areas (with no sparks or smoking) as it produces substantial gassing; and only while close attention is being paid to electrolyte level, as water consumption is substantial during rapid gassing periods. Figure 9-3 shows the step increase in the voltage to 2.75 volts and the increase in current back to the C/20 level. Now let s look at the time involved in using the ideal approach to charge our hypothetical 200 ampere-hour capacity battery:
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Figure 7-1
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Don t Drop Out!
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// A two-dimensional fail-soft array. using System; class FailSoftArray2D { int[,] a; // reference to underlying 2D array int rows, cols; // dimensions public int Length; // Length is public public bool ErrFlag; // indicates outcome of last operation // Construct array given its dimensions. public FailSoftArray2D(int r, int c) {
The first version creates a mutex that is initially unowned. In the second version, if initiallyOwned is true, the initial state of the mutex is owned by the calling thread. Otherwise, it is unowned. To acquire the mutex, your code will call WaitOne( ) on the mutex. This method is inherited by Mutex from the Thread.WaitHandle class. Here is its simplest form: public bool WaitOne( ); It waits until the mutex on which it is called can be acquired. Thus, it blocks execution of the calling thread until the specified mutex is available. It always returns true. When your code no longer needs ownership of the mutex, it releases it by calling ReleaseMutex( ), shown here: public void ReleaseMutex( ) This releases the mutex on which it is called, enabling the mutex to be acquired by another thread. To use a mutex to synchronize access to a shared resource, you will use WaitOne( ) and ReleaseMutex( ), as shown in the following sequence:
What makes the Web a web are the links that connect each page to other pages. The World Wide Web is engineered by connecting this bit of this page to that bit of that page on the same site or on any other website in the world. The engine that performs all this interconnecting magic is actually the text-based hyperlink. Although text-based hyperlinks are the foundation of the Web, text links are about as attractive as a foundation, and the links themselves often are just a bunch of letters and numbers that mean something to a computer, but mean nothing to a human. However, if you put a graphic face on a link perhaps one that changes as a visitor hovers or clicks on it you have a web page that speaks of your talent. You also get a chance to provide nonverbal communication, the sort that plays to a worldwide audience, many of whom might not speak your native tongue. With a graphic, you can clearly point out that Area X is a link and not part of your text message. Using a graphic also gives you the opportunity to provide a visual clue about where the link goes. Consider the humble shopping cart: a great many people in this world now know that clicking on a shopping cart button takes them to a page that has something to do with buying something. That s a pretty all-encompassing message using only a few pixels! Creating and applying attractive, well-thought-out navigational aids to a web page are a must in this competitive cyberworld. The following sections take a look at how you can use CorelDRAW s tools in combination with your skills and ingenuity to create web pages worth a thousand words.
You can concatenate (join together) two strings using the + operator. For example, this statement:
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