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Laminar Flow
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If someone writes a Perl script to issue valid get requests against a site, NetScaler can protect the site s operation. It does this by recognizing that such an attack is under way and challenging clients to execute a JavaScript program. Unless the attacker has provided
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This creates a problem, since if an outside user would put a private address in the destination IP address field, their ISP would drop this. Therefore, the web server needs to be presented as having a public address. This is defined in the address translation device (in this case, it is a Cisco router). The web server is assigned an inside global IP address of on the router, and your DNS server advertises this address to the outside users. When outside users send packets to the address, the router examines its translation table for a matching entry. In this case, it sees that maps to The router then changes the destination IP address to and forwards it to the inside web server. Note that if the router didn t do the translation to, the web server wouldn t know this information was meant for itself, since the outside user sent the traffic originally to Likewise, when the web server sends traffic out to the public network, the router compares the source IP address to entries in its translation table, and if it finds a match, it changes the inside local IP address (private source address, to the inside global IP address (public source address,
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604 Straddle (yoke) mountings, 306, 307f Stress contact, 256 260, 257f, 258f in at-faced followers, 258, 258f minimization of, 419 420, 424 425 in nonrigid systems, 131 subsurface, industry standard for, 303 Stress corrosion, 264 Stribeck-Hersey curve, 273, 273f Structural errors, in manufacturing, 293 Stud mountings, 306, 307f Subsurface stress, industry standard for, 303 SUMMiT (Sandia Ultra-planar, Multi-level MEMS Technology), 509, 514, 524 Surface(s), cam and follower asperities on, 260 261, 261f contact stresses. See Contact stresses design of factors in, 252 methodology, general, 252 wear and, 264 272 elastic contact theory, 253 255, 254f materials for. See Materials roughness composite, 276 grinding to remove, 295 296 surface lms, 260 surface loads, 225 228 waviness in, 293 294, 294f, 295f wear. See Wear Surface fatigue, 263 269, 263f causes of, 263 264 prevention through design, 264 269 testing on, 264 269, 265t 266t Surface loads, 225 228 Surface micromachining, 509, 509f Surging, 223 Swash plate cams, 479 480, 480f SWIRL METER software, 541, 564 Symmetrical dwell-rise-return-dwell cams, 53, 53f Synthesis of motion programs displacement programs, 193 194 overview of, 108 109 Tangent cam, translating roller follower, 466 467, 467f Tangent, determination of, 178 179, 178f 3-D cams, 12 13, 13f, 149f applications, 144 145 in computing mechanisms, 496f, 497 offset surface, expression for, 146 147
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The second of C# s selection statements is the switch. The switch provides for a multiway branch. Thus, it enables a program to select among several alternatives. Although a series of nested if statements can perform multiway tests, for many situations, the switch is a more efficient approach. It works like this: The value of an expression is successively tested against a list of constants. When a match is found, the statement sequence associated with that match is executed. The general form of the switch statement is switch(expression) { case constant1: statement sequence break; case constant2: statement sequence break; case constant3: statement sequence break; . . . default: statement sequence break; } The switch expression must be an integral type, such as char, byte, short, or int; an enumeration type; or type string. (Enumerations and the string type are described later in this book.) Thus, floating-point expressions, for example, are not allowed. Frequently, the expression controlling the switch is simply a variable. The case constants must be of a type compatible with the expression. No two case constants in the same switch can have identical values.
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Now that the need for cable television systems has been addressed, we will now brie y study the development of the industry. The technique used by early system operators was to start with good television off-air signals usually received from a mountaintop, tower, or water tank location and connect subscribers to this source by a cascade of ampli ers connected by sections of coaxial cable. Surplus coaxial cable from World War II and home-built radio frequency (RF) ampli ers made up the basic components of these early systems. 1.121 The preceding describes the system for what it actually was, a community antenna television (CATV) system, referred to in present-day vernacular as classic cable. Such so-called start-up systems followed no
A computerized process of converting the geometry that represents a scene or spatial location into a visible image of the scene. Put simply, rendering creates the picture from the data. See 3-D rendering and pre-rendered.
The key to an effective and successful forensic investigation is the establishment of a sound chain of custody. The major considerations that determine the effectiveness of a forensic investigation are: Identification A description of the evidence that was acquired, and the tools and techniques used to acquire it. Evidence may include digital information acquired from computers, network devices, and mobile devices, as well as interviews of involved persons. Preservation A description of the tools and techniques used to retain evidence. This will include detailed records that establish the chain of custody, which may be presented and tested in legal proceedings. Analysis A description of the examination of the evidence gathered, which may include a reconstruction of events that are a subject of the investigation. Presentation A formal document that describes the entire investigation, evidence gathered, tools used, and findings that express the examiner s opinion of the events that occurred (or did not occur). The entire chain of custody must be documented in precise detail and include how evidence was protected against tampering through every step of the investigation. Any holes in the information acquisition and analysis process will likely fail in legal proceedings, possibly resulting in the organization s failure to convince judicial authorities that the event occurred as described.
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Characteristic Equations of Basic Curves Velocity y, ips Acceleration y, in./sec2
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