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A query can contain more than one from clause. Thus, a query can contain nested from clauses. One common use of a nested from clause is found when a query needs to obtain data from two different sources. Here is a simple example. It uses two from clauses to iterate over two different character arrays. It produces a sequence that contains all possible combinations of the two sets of characters.
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(b) Damping 10%.
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Section II: Topics in Gynecology
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The U M L also provides a special symbol for composition relationships, similar to iden tification dependencies in E R D notations. In a composition relationship, the objects in a child class belong only to objects in the parent class. In Figure 5.30, each OrdLine object belongs to one Order object. Deletion o f a parent object causes deletion o f the related child objects. A s a consequence, the child objects usually borrow part o f their primary key from the parent object. However, the U M L does not require this identification dependency. U M L class diagrams provide many other features not presented in this brief overview. The U M L supports different kinds o f classes to integrate programming language concerns with data modeling concerns. Other kinds o f classes include value classes, stereotype classes, parameterized classes, and abstract classes. For generalization, the U M L supports additional constraints such as static and dynamic classification and different interpretations o f generalization relationships (subtype and subclass). For data integrity, the U M L supports the specification o f constraints in a class diagram. You should note that class diagrams are just one part o f the U M L . To s o m e extent, class diagrams must be understood in the context o f object-oriented modeling and the entire UML. You should expect to devote an entire academic term to understanding objectoriented modeling and the U M L .
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Fig. 4-7 In Example 4-3, we replace this circuit by a single voltage source and resistor in series.
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The area between the curves y = x 2 x and y = 2x + 4 is (a) (b)
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// Use foreach to search nums for key. foreach(int x in nums) { if(x == val) { found = true; break; } } if(found) Console.WriteLine("Value found!"); } }
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NOTE 16-bit TWAIN drivers are not supported. On Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, only 32-bit TWAIN applications are supported.
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There are major classifications of statistical measurements that are applicable to the full range of networks and protocols. Table 24.5a describes the major types of such measurements that can be made. This table is a list of what can be measured. Table 24.5b describes how it can be measured. The statistical measurement data
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Connection Multiplexing
When stored at 25 C, the NiCad battery loses 1 percent of its charge per day. When fully charged, the NiCad will self-discharge to an 80-percent charge in about three weeks. Occasional cycling to 80-percent voltage is required to keep the internal resistance of the battery low. If the robot is noticeably slower, you know the battery has reached this 80-percent level. It is best to do this every 20 charge cycles or so. During the testing phase, usually the batteries are repeatedly drained. NiCads are high-maintenance batteries, requiring careful monitoring, charging, cycling, and low temperature storage to yield long life. NiCads have cadmium; and although safely housed in the battery, cadmium is a toxic element and must be disposed of properly.
A hollow beam can carry 4.384 times greater torsion than an equivalent solid beam of the same weight and is ideal for members subjected to torsion.
Reporting and Analysis
Figure 1.1 A Formal Letter on Letterhead
Each time MinVal( ) is called, the arguments are passed to it via the nums array. The length of the array equals the number of elements. Thus, you can use MinVal( ) to find the minimum of any number of values. Notice the last call to MinVal( ). Rather than being passed the values individually, it is passed an array containing the values. This is perfectly legal. When a params parameter is created, it will accept either a variable-length list of arguments or an array containing the arguments.
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Figure 7-1
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Many states have legislation that mandates minimizing traf c disruption during construction. Innovative construction methods, materials, and systems are needed for reducing on-site construction time. Accelerated bridge construction results in projects being completed more quickly and therefore the impact to users may be lessened. Projects can be completed while maintaining traf c capacity including little impact to peak traf c. Selection of the most effective techniques, the most promising emerging techniques, and bene t/cost parameters is required to indicate when accelerated construction is appropriate. Accelerated bridge design and construction research will advance technology by developing improved prefabricated structural systems using enhanced details, materials, and foundation systems, using modern technology such as high capacity cranes and tractor trailers. The organization of a combined contractor-consultant team has reduced some of the friction and lack of coordination between contractors and consultants. Traditional systems have been re ned by contractors playing a greater role as team members, which has resulted in more realistic construction related design, better use of contractor s resources, and a faster turnout in construction.
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