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You ll recall that one of the three main functions of a switch is to learn which devices that is, MAC addresses are associated with which interfaces or ports. This information is stored in a port address, or content addressable memory (CAM), table. The learning process was discussed in 4. You can view the CAM table by using the show mac-address-table command. Here is an example of the use of this command, based on the network shown in Figure 12-2:
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This chapter covers some important aspects required for the exam, and configuring commands as listed here will probably be included as part of a simulation question. You ll probably need to configure more things in the simulation question, such as an IP address and default gateway on a switch, and an IP address and static or dynamic routing on a router or routers, but these are covered in later chapters. You need to practice, practice, practice the commands you ve learned about in this chapter. You might see some questions that ask you to match up a cable type to the type of connection required: remember where a rollover, a straightthrough, and a crossover cable are used.
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Cam 1
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ciscoasa(config)# context context_name ciscoasa(confix-ctx)# allocate-interface physical_if_name[.subif] [map_name] [visible | invisible] ciscoasa(config-ctx)# config-url URL
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Notice the declaration of this version of Gen2, which is shown here:
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Here s an example of the use of this command for examining the admin context resource usage:
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resistances with an L network.
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Hackers set up systems to send out distributed denial of service attacks, bringing the service provider to its knees.
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Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
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Shoot a Portrait
Signature required
8. A. If a MAC address is already in the CAM table and is seen again, the switch will update the CAM table appropriately, including a different port number if the MAC address is seen off of a different port. B and D are incorrect because unknown destination MAC addresses are flooded. C is incorrect because you should never see a broadcast address as a source MAC address under normal operating conditions. 9. D. If you are seeing multiple copies of the same unicast frame in a switched network, it is probably because STP is disabled or a misconfiguration of the switches is causing a layer 2 loop. A would cause an increase in collisions on the segment. B is incorrect because this problem can exist. C actually prevents frames less than 64 bytes from being switched, typically solving late collision problems on the connected segment. 10. B. The switch will only update the CAM table for PC-B when it sees a frame coming from PC-B. Since PC-C is in the CAM table, the switch would not flood the frame, making A an incorrect answer. C is incorrect because the source address is PC-C, which it will still learn since it is a unicast address. D is incorrect because if two devices support full-duplexing on a point-to-point link, it can be used.
c a u t i o n For safety reasons, servo switching should not be used for controlling drive motors or weapons that can injure someone if the servos or relays should fail.
Figure 11.5 VCAT and LCAS
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