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C-Based I/O
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Digital vs. Analog Test Instr uments
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Adding and Editing Extrude Lights
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Data and Observations
Acquired Hair Diseases
quality stock image libraries, you can come up with some extremely striking visual effects and top-notch presentations. For screen-ready viewing (as opposed to print-ready applications), many stock image houses offer downloadable JPEG les that can inexpensively be incorporated into a project. For example, The Stock Market ( offers both downloadable images as well as extremely high resolution visuals, available on CD-ROM, for print or broadcast projects. Choosing judiciously from among professional-level content of this sort, you can quickly assemble a powerful collection of assets that will enhance your communication efforts considerably. A running slide show, as opposed to a typical interactive multimedia project, often takes a linear path through the content from beginning to end. This, of course, can be an advantage if you have a particular message to convey to your audience. The communication ow and playback is determined while you author the project and the viewer can t deviate from the path. The disadvantage, of course, is that the playback for a tool of this sort is limited to the Windows platform. If your goal is to reach a wider audience, including MacOS and UNIX users, try one of the other tools discussed in this chapter, such as Adobe Acrobat or Blue Sky Software RoboHelp HTML 2000.
Nines with a low degree of self-mastery do not pay attention to themselves, and they have no energy to pay attention to anyone else. They ignore even the most life-threatening problems, refusing to face the most obvious consequences of their desire to pretend that everything is okay. Consistently neglectful and forgetful, Nines with low self-mastery become chronically sluggish and immovable. However, if they feel pressured to do something they don t want to do, they either become passive-aggressive saying yes but meaning no or burst forth with unleashed and seemingly bottomless fury.
TABLE 21.1 Typical Networks and Associated Cables. These cryptic names have been adopted by the standards organizations; some are acronyms, while others have evolved. The 10Basex and 10Base-T networks are commonly referred to as Ethernet; the 100Base-TX has acquired the moniker Fast Ethernet. WAN and LAN refer to wide area and local area networks, respectively. As the cost of fiber optic cable comes down, many of the network types have fiber (as an alternative medium) being drafted into the standards although the fiber-based FDDI has released a copper twisted-pair standard listed in the table as TP-PMD (twisted-pair, physical medium-dependent).
2: Introducing PerformancePoint Server 2007
75-mL beakers (4) 10-cm long copper wire segments (2) silver nitrate (AgNO3) potassium nitrate (KNO3) filter papers (2) funnel stirring rod masking tape distilled water
Configuration Changes
As you can see, when the MyMeth( ) member of IMyIF is implemented, its complete name, including its interface name, is specified. There are two reasons that you might need to create an explicit implementation of an interface method. First, when you implement an interface method using its fully qualified name, you are providing an implementation that cannot be accessed through an object of the class. Instead, it must be accessed via an interface reference. Thus, an explicit implementation gives you a way to implement an interface method so that it is not a public member of the
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Dermoscopy from A to Z
which grows from birth to adulthood, these patterns persist throughout life, well into old age. Using vascular patterns as a means of automated human recognition has successfully been accomplished with at least one other body part. Specifically, as discussed in 5, retinal scanning is an example of a biometric based on the vascular pattern of the back of the eye that is known to be quite accurate. Take a moment and look at the back of your hands. You can easily see the bluish tree-like patterns formed by the veins. A special camera combined with an infrared light captures a much better image of these blood vessels. This captured image gets digitized and converted to a binary template as small as 300 bytes. There are two representation methods: one takes image bands (or cross sections) at key areas of the back of the hand, representing the vein pattern into something like a barcode. The second method marks the location of vein junctions, creating a representation somewhat akin to minutiae points, with directional vectors (for example, ridges and bifurcations) in a fingerprint. Vein patterns have some advantages: they are universal, in that everyone has this feature, although it is not certain what the failure to enroll rate would be over a large population. Because the veins are an internal trait protected by the skin, the biometric is not so susceptible to damage, compared to biometrics without this protection. The vascular pattern apparently remains robust, even in the face of such activities as bricklaying and gardening, and in the face of scars, cuts, and moisture. Moreover, the vascular pattern is hard to disguise and alter. Drugs, exercise, mental health, and medical conditions that affect blood flow can consequently also enhance or diminish images of vascular patterns. However, such affects on recognition performance are uncertain. Vein patterns, as a biometric, have not yet won full mainstream acceptance; however, the idea of vein measurement as a unique identifier is not new. European scholars published several papers on the subject in the early part of the twentieth century, but interest waned as fingerprints became universally accepted for identification purposes. For many practical applications, vein measurement holds promise and products are already available on the market. One such product is VeinCheck, by Nuesciences of the United Kingdom, proudly marketed with the slogan, Know people like the back of your hand. (For more information, go to At the other end of the globe, NEXTERN, a South Korean company, also markets a Vein Recognition System. (For more information, go to http://www.etechkorea .info/articles/20020310002.php.) Scientific and technical issues remain with vein pattern measurement. According to Dr. L. John A. Di Dio, a leading anatomist and professor emeritus of the
Threes want to appear successful, and in their view, successful people look confident. As a result, Threes almost always appear focused, positive, somewhat serious, and as if nothing really bothers them much; they believe that confident people don t feel or display anxiety, and they certainly don t show the kind of sad feelings that vulnerable individuals do. Threes learn to mask the outward signs of anxiety, sadness, or anger while still appearing to be involved in what they are doing. However, when a Three is under extreme duress for a period of time, his or her public persona becomes more difficult to maintain, and small events can evoke strong emotional responses in him or her.
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