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The first version will copy len characters from s2 to the end of s1. The second version will copy the entire string pointed to by s2 onto the end of the string pointed to by s1 and will operate like strcat( ).
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Stepping into Digital Photography
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Sometimes a factorization helps to clarify a subtle limit:
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Part II:
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such capabilities. Therefore, the two ends of a conversation can now agree in advance on the type of coding scheme to be used. As part of that agreement, they can also agree on the payload type number to be applied to that coding scheme for that call. For example, let us assume that party A wants to send voice coded according to some coding scheme XXX and party B is able to handle that coding scheme. The parties can agree at the start of the call that RTP packets carrying voice that is coded according to XXX shall have a payload type of 120. When packets arrive with payload type 120, party B knows exactly how to interpret the data. After the call is over, then payload type 120 could be used to indicate some other coding scheme in a subsequent call. The RTP audio/video profile allocates the payload type numbers 96 to 127 to be used for dynamic payload types. Furthermore, some of the newer coding schemes referenced by the profile specification are not given a fixed (static) payload type, but are considered dynamic. The use of dynamic payload types is very useful. It enables many new coding schemes to be developed in the future without running the risk of exhausting the available payload type number space (a maximum of 127). Note that the encoding name is also of significance. Whenever a new coding scheme is to be used with RTP, particularly if it is to be a dynamic payload type, then the encoding name should be specified in a separate payload specification document and the encoding name should be registered with the IANA. The reason for this is the fact that external signaling systems such as SDP make use of the encoding name to unambiguously refer to a particular payload specification. Of the dynamic payload types, one is a little different from all the rest and deserves special mention. This is the Redundant (RED) payload type and is specified in RFC 2198. Normally, a single RTP packet contains one or more samples of coded voice or video, with each sample in the packet coded in the same way. If the packet is lost, the receiving application must cope with the loss of data as best it can, such as by replaying the content of a previous packet to fill the void in time. The idea with the redundant payload type is for a single packet to contain one or more voice samples as normal, plus one or more copies of previous samples already sent to the receiver. In other words, each packet contains the current sampled speech, plus a backup copy of the previously sampled speech. If a given packet is lost, then a copy of the lost speech sample arrives in the next packet. Note that the backup copy may use a different coding scheme (more bandwidth-efficient perhaps) than is used for the primary copy. If the backup copy uses a lowerbandwidth coding scheme, then it provides for redundancy to cope with packet loss, but without the need for excessive extra bandwidth.
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EXAMPLE 10-5 A load is connected in parallel across a Veff = 300 V power source. The load is rated at 200 W with a power factor given as p.f. = 0.8 lagging. Find the effective current owing through the load and describe a circuit that can model the load. Assume that = 100. SOLUTION The circuit is shown in Fig. 10-8.
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Report tab Autohide
Wireless backhaul
SOLUTION This is the composition of functions, so we must apply the Chain Rule. It is essential to recognize what function will play the role of f and what function will play the role of g. Notice that, if x is the variable, then x 3 x 2 is applied rst and sin applied next. So it must be that g(x) = x 3 x 2 and f (s) = sin s. Notice that (d/ds)f (s) = cos s and (d/dx)g(x) = 3x 2 2x. Then sin(x 3 x 2 ) = f g(x) and d d (f g(x)) (sin(x 3 x 2 )) = dx dx df d = (g(x)) g(x) ds dx = cos(g(x)) (3x 2 2x) = [cos(x 3 x 2 )] (3x 2 2x). EXAMPLE 2.17
After a password change initiated by the Administrator or a Self-service Password Reset, the sequence in Figure 15-3 occurs to recover the key. 1. The Agent authenticates to the Citrix Password Manager Service using NTLM authentication. 2. The Service decrypts the data it originally encrypted and returns it to the Agent. 3. The Agent retrieves its portion of the key derivation data from the central store and uses both parts of the data to reconstitute the AKRKey. 4. The Agent then uses the AKRKey in a similar fashion as it ordinarily uses the key derived from the user s Security Questions information to recover the user s encryption key(s). No user interaction is required. 5. At this point, a new AKRKey is generated and the Agent performs the Enrollment process again with the new key data.
Appendix B: Popular Methodologies, Frameworks, and Guidance
rendition of the scene, back up until the entire building is visible in the viewfinder while you re holding the camera parallel to the ground.
This section offers recommendations for using the Presentation Server Console in an enterprise environment.
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { char p[17]; itoa(1423, p, 16); printf(p); return 0; }
9. What is the appropriate role of an IS auditor in a control self-assessment A. The IS auditor should participate as a subject matter expert B. The IS auditor should act as facilitator C. The IS auditor should not be involved D. The IS auditor should design the control self-assessment 10. Which of the following would NOT be useful evidence in an IS audit A. Personnel handbook B. Organization mission statement and objectives C. Organization chart D. Organization history
Class A highly temperature stable diode BJT amplifier for HF and below (Fig. 3.79):
Modifying an R/C Servo for Continuous Rotation
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