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The companion error detector, shown in Figure 26.22, receives the standard coded-interface signal, recovers the clock, and strips off the coding to provide binary data and clock signals. In the process, it detects any violations of the interface code algorithm and sends signals to the error counter. This provides the first level of inservice error detection. For an instrument equipped to deal with framed signals, the receiver then locks onto any framing present, checks for frame errors, and decodes any embedded alarm signals, parity, or CRC bits, thus providing a further level of in-service measurement. Finally, the binary data and clock are fed to the error detector and reference pattern generator (as described in section 26.3.2), which checks the received pattern bit by bit for logic errors. A time base controls the measurement gating for singleshot, repetitive, and manual gating. The error counts accumulated are processed to provide BER and error performance analysis (see section 26.3.3).
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Now that you are driving for only pennies a day, it takes little more to make your pleasure complete. nce you ve driven your EV conversion around the block for the first time, it s time to start planning for the future. You need to license and insure it so you can drive it farther than just around the block. You also need to learn how to drive and care for it to maximize your driving pleasure and its economy and longevity.
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As mentioned in the last section, SDM is not supported on all IOS routers. For a list of router models and IOS images on which SDM is supported, visit Cisco s web site at If your router currently doesn t have SDM installed, you can easily add SDM by downloading it from Cisco s web site. Your router will need to be under a maintenance contract and you ll need a Cisco Connection Online (CCO) account to download the SDM software; however, Cisco does not charge you to use the software. On your router, you ll minimally need IOS version 12.2 for SDM to function; and depending on the version of SDM, you will need between 5MB and 8MB of available flash on your router. If SDM has already been installed on your router, you ll see various files in flash. Depending on the version of SDM, the names and numbers of the files will differ. With version 2.3 and later, you ll see the files listed in Table 18-1. Before adding SDM to flash on your router, use the dir or show flash command to make sure you have enough flash to fit all the SDM files.
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In addition to occurring within an assignment, type conversions also take place within an expression. In an expression, you can freely mix two or more different types of data as long as they are compatible with each other. For example, you can mix short and long within an expression because they are both numeric types. When different types of data are mixed within an expression, they are converted to the same type, on an operation-by-operation basis. The conversions are accomplished through the use of C# s type promotion rules. Here is the algorithm that they define for binary operations: IF one operand is a decimal, THEN the other operand is promoted to decimal (unless it is of type oat or double, in which case an error results). ELSE IF one operand is a double, the second is promoted to double. ELSE IF one operand is a oat, the second is promoted to oat. ELSE IF one operand is a ulong, the second is promoted to ulong (unless it is of type sbyte, short, int, or long, in which case an error results). ELSE IF one operand is a long, the second is promoted to long. ELSE IF one operand is a uint and the second is of type sbyte, short, or int, both are promoted to long. ELSE IF one operand is a uint, the second is promoted to uint. ELSE both operands are promoted to int. There are a couple of important points to be made about the type promotion rules. First, not all types can be mixed in an expression. Specifically, there is no implicit conversion from float or double to decimal, and it is not possible to mix ulong with any signed integer type. To mix these types requires the use of an explicit cast. Second, pay special attention to the last rule. It states that if none of the preceding rules applies, then all other operands are promoted to int. Therefore, in an expression, all char, sbyte, byte, ushort, and short values are promoted to int for the purposes of calculation. This is called integer promotion. It also means that the outcome of all arithmetic operations will be no smaller than int. It is important to understand that type promotions only apply to the values operated upon when an expression is evaluated. For example, if the value of a byte variable is promoted to int inside an expression, outside the expression, the variable is still a byte. Type promotion only affects the evaluation of an expression. Type promotion can, however, lead to somewhat unexpected results. For example, when an arithmetic operation involves two byte values, the following sequence occurs. First, the byte operands are promoted to int. Then the operation takes place, yielding an int result. Thus, the outcome of an operation involving two byte values will be an int. This is not what you might intuitively expect. Consider the following program.
MethodInfo[] mi = t.GetMethods();
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