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For any n, this expression determines if n is greater than zero and returns the result. Here is another example: count => count + 2 In this case, the result is the value of count increased by two.
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Video Components
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Voice and Policies
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Monitoring User Activity
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Preliminary Steps
Ethernet-based LANs make up the heart of enterprise13 networks. A sample LAN is depicted in Figure 1.3. LANs are often shown using a bus topology but star topologies are frequently used in modern day LANs.
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For the CitrixSync folder (root), give Full Control for NTFS permissions to this user. For the CentralStoreRoot, give Full Control for NTFS permissions to this user. For the <Domain Name> folder, this inherits Full Control from the Parent folder, so no changes are needed here. For the People folder, give Full Control for NTFS permissions to this user. In the Active Directory environment, the data proxy account is granted the appropriate permissions by completing the steps outlined in the previous section Delegated Permissions for the data proxy account.
Bridge Terminology Abutment Abutment has dual purpose, earth retaining and supporting all or part of the bridge. The two abutments de ne the beginning and end of bridge and serve as anchors. Approach Approach or approach slab interfaces with the abutment to provide continuity to the roadway. The roadway is capped by a slab resting on unyielding soil to prevent differential settlement after a heavy downpour. Backwall Backwall or the stem separates the approach slab from the bridge. They interface with wingwalls. Barrier Barrier is a railing or reinforced concrete parapet which serves as a protective dwarf wall placed over the deck to guide vehicles and prevent collisions. Beam Beam or girder is a very important primary member which supports the deck. It spans over the river width or the interchange. It is supported by pier and abutments and is held in position by bearings resting over substructure. It is made of timber, aluminum, steel, reinforced or prestressed concrete. Bearing Bearing is a mechanical device which permits expansion, contraction and rotation of beams. They also transfer heavy reactions over the superstructure over a wider area. Bracing Bracing is a secondary member placed in between beams to resist wind load in horizontal direction. Deck Deck is the most important part of superstructure. It supports the moving loads and can be built in reinforced concrete, timber or open grid steel. It is usually made composite with the supporting beams. Deck joint A joint in transverse or longitudinal direction helps to release thermal stress in the deck slab. They are placed before the abutment backwall. Deck Joint consists of steel angles with vertical leg anchored into the deck concrete to shield the corners of concrete edges from any damage resulting from the impact of wheels. Diaphragm Diaphragm is a secondary member which interconnects the beam in transverse direction and enables lateral distribution of vertical and horizontal loads. They are usually spaced at twenty feet or less. Embankment Embankment is body of earth which transitions from deck elevation to the lower ground and is given a gentle slope using ll material for that purpose. Footing Footing serves as the xed feet of bridge. It is the most important part of the bridge family. Shallow footings transfer the loads from the bridge over the wider area of compacted sub-soil. Deep footings are bearing or frictional piles or caissons driven to the required depth deep into soils. Haunch Haunch is a concrete transition member placed over the ange of beam and under the deck slab. Like a pedestal, its height is adjusted to achieve the required deck elevation. Haunches over 4 inch depth require reinforcement. Integral abutment Abutment wall resting on piles in which top stub is made integral with the deck slab and the approach slab. Bearings or deck joints are not required. Special boundaries of beam serve as a longitudinal frame. Structural performance of bridge under seismic conditions is also improved. Maintenance Routine or regular activities, which are intended to preserve and maintain a structure s original serviceability and functionality. Parapet Parapet is a barrier placed at the edges of deck slab. It also supports lighting poles or sign panels. Pedestal Pedestal supports the bearings as very short concrete columns. They maintain the required bridge seat elevations and their adjustable heights in concrete are varied to suit. Pier Pier is a wide column which supports the intermediate parts of the longer span bridge and shares the loads with abutments. They may be placed in the middle of a river. Pile Pile serves as a stiff nail driven into a hard soil media. Acting in a group, it provides stability to the bridge. Rehabilitation Comprehensive repair of a bridge structure s most deteriorated elements that are intended to restore and signi cantly extend its original serviceability and functionality. Repair Activities, usually isolated to a portion of one element of a structure, that are necessary to restore serviceability or functionality due to distress from things such as vehicle impact damage, observed scour or severe localized deterioration.
Figure 24.2e Protocol analysis in a point-to-point network topology. In a point-to-point topology it
test their products against each other to ensure that they have implemented the specification correctly and to ensure compatibility with other implementations. To give an indication of SIP s popularity, Figure 5-1 shows how many companies have been involved in the first eight events. Although attendance at the most recent events has diminished slightly, it is clear that significant industry support exists for SIP. In fact, although the number of attending companies might have peaked, the number of attending individuals continues to increase.
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