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Figure 9-1. True North
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Conversion of the Generalization Hierarchy in Figure 6.27 (SQL:2003 Syntax)
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To close a file, use the member function close( ). For example, to close the file linked to a stream called mystream, you would use this statement:
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Sports Games
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public Stream OpenWrite(Uri uri)
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The trust-point command specifies the name of the CA to use it indicates what identity certificate to use if more than one CA and identity certificate are installed on the appliance. The name specified here needs to match the name configured with the crypto ca trust-point command discussed in 15; however, this command is unnecessary if the appliance has only one root and identity certificate, since it will use these by default. To enable Dead Peer Detection (DPD), use the isakmp keepalive command. The first threshold is the number of seconds between keepalives (10 to 3600), and the retry interval is how long the appliance should wait after the first keepalive is missed and the second one should be sent (2 10 seconds). DPD is disabled by default. NOTE DPD sends keepalives across the management connection, allowing the appliance to detect a dead management connection. Because this is Cisco-proprietary, it should only be enabled for a tunnel group that has Cisco devices for remote peers.
Modular Policy Framework
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