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the link, he or she must send Status Enquiry messages to the network. The network responds with Link Integrity Verification (LIV) messages, which allow for exchanging polling sequence numbers to indicate that the link is active.
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other if desired. Figure 9-14 shows just such an example. The date is across the top, where it has been restricted to just the year 2003 for the sake of simplicity. On the rows are the sales territories, because the KPI in question, Channel Revenue, was defined by territory. The first column represents the actual value for 2003, while the second column represents the goal. The column for the status shows the indicator representing the health of the KPI. The final column shows the trend for that particular sales territory. The ability to include KPIs and their associated indicators and trend icons makes the KPIs built into the cube even more useful.
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<Strategy Name="Object Help Text"> <FILE>C:\METADATA\OBJECT_HELP.TEXT</FILE> </Strategy>
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R + V L
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4 T H E I N T E G R A L
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FIGURE 14-11
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Compress video
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Member access control is achieved through the use of four access specifiers: public, private, protected, and internal. In this chapter we will be concerned with public and private. The protected modifier applies only when inheritance is involved, and is described in 7. The internal modifier applies mostly to the use of an assembly, which in the case of C# means a program, project, or component. The internal modifier is briefly described in 15. When a member of a class is modified by the public specifier, that member can be accessed by any other code in your program. This includes methods defined inside other classes. When a member of a class is specified as private, that member can be accessed only by other members of its class. Thus, methods in other classes are not able to access a private member of another class. As explained in 4, if no access specifier is used, a class member is private to its class by default. Thus, the private specifier is optional when creating private class members. An access specifier precedes the rest of a member s type specification. That is, it must begin a member s declaration statement. Here are some examples:
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We have entered the third age of digital optical disc technology, or fourth age if you start with analog laserdisc. Laserdisc led to CD which led to DVD which led to Blu-ray Disc (BD). Milestones along the way include the transition from analog to digital (laserdisc to CD), stereo audio to video plus multichannel audio (CD to DVD), and standard definition to high definition (DVD to BD). Storage capacity leapt from 650 megabytes (a little more than half a gigabyte) on CD to 50 gigabytes on dual-layer BD (and more, if three, four, or more-layer BD experiments ever escape from the laboratory). DVD is commonly put on a pedestal as the most successful consumer electronics product of all time. It has clearly changed the way many of us watch movies at home, adding menus, commentaries, widescreen video, multichannel audio, and more. DVD was a sea change from analog videotapes, a hugely compelling improvement that led to over one billion DVD playback devices finding their way into homes, automobiles, and offices in ten swift years. Although the triumph of DVD set very high expectations for BD as a successor format, BD isn t a similar quantum leap, so it will never achieve the same world-altering success. However, the shift to high-definition video is inevitable, and BD will undoubtedly be along for the ride. Many people will require a working knowledge of BD, including its capabilities, strengths, and limitations. This book provides a significant amount of this knowledge. DVD, and now BD, affects a remarkably diverse range of fields. Advances in the arts and technologies of film and video, combined with breakthroughs in recording, display, and interactivity, have vaulted shiny discs into a leading role in a broad spectrum of uses. A few are illustrated in the following pages. data matrix generator
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Section Overhead
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queue a(101);
However, recall that Web Intelligence users will create reports that dynamically group information by dimensions. Thus a business user may ask for a variance analysis by product. In order to allow this, the universe designer includes the SQL SUM aggregate in the object
selector window, and you can pick swatches by clicking them; their names appear in the Name list at bottom right. You can more quickly thumb through colors by choosing Options | Show Color Names; the selector window changes from swatches to larger color samples with the name in the center of the color. The vertical selector to the right of the selector window lets you navigate through the available colors very quickly.
Our passions are the issues we care most deeply about the issues we lie awake at night obsessing over. When we connect our interests and gifts with our passions, we gain a clearer perspective on what we are here to do and why. We have a defined reason for getting up each morning. Passionate individuals not only lead but inspire. They strive against all odds to make their dreams and hopes reality. Passion is an emotional competency that was once possessed by Walt Disney and John F. Kennedy, Jr. It s a competency possessed today by leaders such as General Colin Powell, whose passion is the future of children in this nation, and s Jeff Bezos, whose passion continues to be changing the economics of the book industry by building the biggest bookstore in the world online. Passion Exercise Answer these questions about your passion. 1. What are you a passionate advocate for ____________________________________________________________ 2. In what areas are you passionate about pursuing your talents and dreams ____________________________________________________________ 3. Who are the passionate people with whom you surround yourself ____________________________________________________________ 4. What issues or causes move you ____________________________________________________________ Intuition as an Emotional Competency Albert Einstein once said, The really valuable thing is intuition. But Einstein was decades ahead of his time. Only in recent years has intuition finally become a credible soft-skill competency, one that is actually being taught in leadership classes and graduate schools around the world. We ve slowly learned that by trusting our gut feelings, we develop a keener perception and judgment about our work and our personal lives.
Here s how to use the Framework to help you decide what you want to study:
Cisco ASA Configuration
Functions, Part One: The Fundamentals
The C# Language
Once done storing your les on disc, the program gives you the opportunity to test the recovery process. You can proceed as if you re performing a complete recovery, but stop short of actually overwriting any les. This type of backup offers an ideal use for CD-RW. You re safely protected from any crashes that damage your hard drive and you can reuse the media as necessary to create new recovery discs whenever your system changes signi cantly. This type of backup is comparable to the Complete option that is offered by many tape backup systems; it can be supplemented with an incremental backup of les that change periodically. The HP Simple Trax program, described in the next section, offers an automated way to maintain historical copies of les, a feature that can be extremely useful if you are working on a project involving many different les and you need to archive and track the progression of the project changes.
Password Manager Agents
// An example of the transform algorithm. #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; // A simple transformation function. double reciprocal(double i) { return 1.0/i; // return reciprocal } int main() { list<double> vals; int i; // put values into list for(i=1; i<10; i++) vals.push_back((double)i);
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