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1. Remove the shortcut to Program Neighborhood Agent from the All Users Startup folder to prevent the agent from being launched in the Hot Desktop Shared Account context. 2. Add Program Neighborhood Agent to your HotDesktop start-up script to run as the current Hot Desktop User. (For additional instructions, see the following section, Logon scripts and Network Shares, as well as the samples provided on the Password Manager CD in the \SUPPORT\HOTDESKTOP folder.) 3. Add PNAgent.exe to the transient process section of the process.xml file. This change causes the Program Neighborhood Agent to be terminated on user logoff or user switch events. The following is an example of a transient process entry for Program Neighborhood Agent. (For additional information, please see the Password Manager Administrator s Guide.)
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In 3, we discussed setting up a proof-of-concept pilot program as an important element in the design of an enterprise application delivery solution. The pilot is also the first step in an enterprise rollout. It serves as a basic test of application performance using Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp. At first, the pilot program should be a nonproduction system designed to ensure that the desired applications perform together adequately over XenApp and Terminal Services. The next step is to expand the nonproduction pilot to a small production pilot or test group with carefully selected participants running specific applications.
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Enrollment EnrGrade
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Use This Policy Rule: Encryption | SecureICA encryption
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Primary Vibration
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1. Each hole that has been bored into the ball repre5.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
if theFarm.WinFarmObject.IsCitrixAdministrator = 0 then WScript.Echo "You must be a Citrix admin to run this script" WScript.Echo "" WScript.Quit 0 End If ' ' ' '
Virtual Construction
Selecting the drop-down arrow next to a hierarchy or member will bring up a menu that allows for sorting and filtering.
Technology Primer NOTE
Threes often look forward to coaching meetings, particularly if these highlight their accomplishments and contain actionable ideas that will help them become even more successful. Because the word failure is not in their vocabulary, Threes prefer negative feedback that is straightforward, kindly delivered, and framed as an opportunity for them to become more effective. Once Threes think they understand an issue, they are ready to take action immediately, even before the coaching meeting is over. They like to solve problems quickly and then move on. The challenge for the developer is to help Threes slow their pace and take some time to reflect and examine their deeper feelings and desires before making a decision to change. An effective way to do this is to ask a question such as this: Can you slow down before you decide what actions to take, so that you can be certain what problem you are solving and what you really want to do
Securing the System
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