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My Most Courageous Moments
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A spreadsheet can be used to tabulate and organize numbers, but it does not become a model until it contains data, equations, and specific relationships among the numbers that organize them into informational output. The model becomes a financial model when it uses relationships of operating, investing, and/or financing variables based on GAAP principles. And it can be called a financial projection model when it uses assumptions about future performance in order to give a view of what a company s future financial condition might be like. By changing the input variables, such a projection model can be very useful for showing the impact of different assumptions and/or strategies for the future.
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The remove( ) function erases a file. Its prototype is int remove(const char *filename); It returns 0 upon success, non-0 if it fails. This program uses remove( ) to erase a file specified by the user.
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char str[80], *p; strcpy(str, "this is a test"); p = strdup(str);
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Related Function
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The differential-geometry relationships pertaining to cam pro les are discussed in this section. These relationships will be used later for determining the cam pro le and some related variables, such as the tangent orientation, required to evaluate the pressure angle, and the curvature of the cam pro le, required to verify the occurrence of cusps and under-
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Fisher sees the cloud expanding. The system is scalable and secure, and as more people join, it gives the cloud more credence and legitimacy. We don t see the technical barriers, said Fisher.
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Unchecked result: 1 Unchecked result: 113 Checked result: 14 System.OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. at CheckedBlocks.Main()
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The storage level is closest to the hardware and operating system. At the storage level, a database consists o f physical records (also known as blocks or pages) organized into files. physical record A physical record is a collection o f bytes that are transferred between volatile storage in main m e m o r y and stable storage on a disk. Main m e m o r y is considered volatile storage be cause the contents o f main m e m o r y may be lost if a failure occurs. A file is a collection o f physical records organized for efficient access. Figure 8.1 depicts relationships between logical records (rows o f a table) and physical records stored in a file. Typically, a physical record contains multiple logical records. The size o f a physical record is a power o f two such as 1,024 ( 2 ) or 4 , 0 9 6 ( 2 ) bytes. A large logical record may be split over multiple physical records. Another possibility is that logical records from more than one table are stored in the same physical record. The D B M S and the operating system work together to satisfy requests for logical records made by applications. Figure 8.2 depicts the process o f transferring physical and logical records between a disk, D B M S buffers, and application buffers. Normally, the D B M S and the application have separate m e m o r y areas known as buffers. When an appli cation makes a request for a logical record, the D B M S locates the physical record contain ing it. In the case o f a read operation, the operating system transfers the physical record from disk to the m e m o r y area o f the D B M S . The D B M S then transfers the logical record to the application's buffer. In the case o f a write operation, the transfer process is reversed. A logical record request may not result in a physical record transfer because o f buffer ing. The D B M S tries to anticipate the needs o f applications so that corresponding physical
Fig. 2-23 Circuit for Problem 10.
Routing the call through the network, Overseeing the connection,
The prototype for fwrite( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The fwrite( ) function writes count number of objects each object being size number of bytes in length to the stream pointed to by stream from the array pointed to by buf. The file-position indicator is advanced by the number of bytes written. The fwrite( ) function returns the number of items actually written, which, if the function is successful, equals the number requested. If fewer items are written than are requested, an error has occurred. If the stream is opened for text operations, then newlines characters are automatically translated into carriage return, linefeed sequences when the file is written.
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