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We have been using classes since the start of this book. Of course, only extremely simple classes have been used, and we have not taken advantage of the majority of their features. Classes are substantially more powerful than the limited ones presented so far. Let s begin by reviewing the basics. A class is a template that defines the form of an object. It specifies both the data and the code that will operate on that data. C# uses a class specification to construct objects. Objects are instances of a class. Thus, a class is essentially a set of plans that specify how to build an object. It is important to be clear on one issue: A class is a logical abstraction. It is not until an object of that class has been created that a physical representation of that class exists in memory.
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The most important thing to keep in mind with values is that, when they use a unit, there is no space between the value and its unit. For example, a distance of four inches is written 4in. Any space between the value and its associated unit (as in 4 in) will cause browsers to ignore the declaration at best, and drastically misinterpret it at worst. This is one of the most common mistakes CSS authors make.
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This battery s specific energy and specific power numbers evoke nothing but envy from its competitors and mouth-watering anticipation from its advocates. The whole lithium group has shown great promise in the labs, and smaller lithium polymer batteries have greatly impressed users in the computer industry. But lithium still has to deliver on its promise when packaged in the giant, economy, suitable-for-powering-EVs size (see Figure 8-9). Stay tuned for future developments here the USABC certainly will.
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In rereading his E-mail, you notice that while Les identi es the problem (i.e., scattered frames make the counter look chaotic) and solves the problem (i.e., don t leave frames scattered about), he doesn t explain the bene t of doing what he asks (i.e., a lack of scattered frames helps create a clean look that s proven to appeal to customers). As you ll recall from our earlier discussion about the Matrix of Persuasion, when your writing task is to persuade, you need to add bene ts.
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border-bottom, border-color, border-left, border-top, border-right, border-style, border-width border-bottom border-bottom is a shorthand property which sets the style, color, and width of the bottom border of an element.
et s say you ve drawn an object and you re fairly pleased with it, except for that little corner that you couldn t draw just right. Editing objects is the theme of this chapter, where you ll learn various techniques to massage that almost-perfect shape into exactly the shape you ve envisioned. Because every object you draw on a page can be broken down into rectangles, ovals, path segments, and so on, this chapter covers the tools and features for doing exactly this: breaking down shapes, combining them, subtracting a little of this, adding a little of that. Often, arriving at a design of your dreams can be most quickly accomplished by creating an approximation of the shapes you need. Then with a pull and a tug here and there, erasing a tiny area perhaps, you ll get quicker results than if you had built the object from scratch. You ll see in this chapter that editing objects not only provides you with the best results, but that you can also add visual complexity and embellishments that would be hard to achieve using other methods.
If a class has at least one pure virtual function, then that class is said to be abstract. An abstract class has one important feature: There can be no objects of that class. Instead, an abstract class must be used only as a base that other classes will inherit. The reason that an abstract class cannot be used to declare an object is, of course, that one or more of its functions have no definition. However, even if the base class is abstract, you still can use it to declare pointers or references, which are needed to support run-time polymorphism.
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Figure 10-15 The query designer after graphically creating the query. Changes can be made in the diagram at the top or by changing the text at the bottom.
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