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The C# Language
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MAC Control Sublayer Initiates the transmission of the frames and the recovery from any transmission errors employing an algorithm such as CSMA/CD over a shared medium (see the next section for more detail)
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13.7 megapixels Information not available TTL Lenses sold separately Lenses sold separately Camera body only Nikkor AF mount Autofocus Lenses sold separately Lenses sold separately Lenses sold separately Lenses sold separately 3D matrix, averaging, or spot +/- 3EV in 1/2 EV steps Information not available Information not available 30 seconds 1/4000 second Auto 80-640 Information not available Kodak Li-ion battery Pop-up or hot shoe Firewire JPEG, RAW No None None None 5.2 6.2 3.5 inches 35.3 ounces
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Entity integrity means that each table must have a column or combination of columns with unique values. Unique means that no two rows of a table have the same value. For exam ple, StdSSN in Student is unique and the combination of StdSSN and OfferNo is unique in Enrollment. Entity integrity ensures that entities (people, things, and events) are uniquely identified in a database. For auditing, security, and communication reasons, it is important that business entities be easily traceable. Referential integrity means that the column values in one table must match column values in a related table. For example, the value of StdSSN in each row of the Enrollment table must match the value of StdSSN in some row of the Student table. Referential integrity ensures that a database contains valid connections. For example, it is critical that each row of the Enrollment table contains a Social Security number of a valid student. Otherwise, some enrollments can be meaningless, possibly resulting in students denied enrollment because nonexisting students took their places. For more precise definitions of entity integrity and referential integrity, some other defini tions are necessary. These prerequisite definitions and the more precise definitions follow. Definitions Superkey: a column or combination of columns containing unique values for each row. The combination of every column in a table is always a superkey because rows in a table must be unique.
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// Demonstrate a new() constructor constraint. using System; class MyClass { public MyClass() { Console.WriteLine("Creating a MyClass instance."); // ... } //... } class Test<T> where T : new() { T obj;
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G30, Competence
specify IEnumerator or IEnumerable as implemented interfaces. It does, however, have to provide their methods, which are GetEnumerator( ), Reset( ), MoveNext( ), and the property Current. However, not specifying these interfaces reduces the usability of the class in a mixedlanguage environment. Here is an example that implements the non-generic versions of IEnumerable and IEnumerator so that the contents of the array encapsulated within MyClass can be enumerated:
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