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After Simplify Objects moved
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Wireless Issues
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7: Operator Overloading, Indexers, and Properties
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The output from this program is shown here:
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The circular queue works by reusing space in the array that is freed when elements are retrieved. Thus, it can store an unlimited number of elements as long as elements are also being removed. While conceptually simple just reset the appropriate index to zero when the end of the array is reached the boundary conditions are a bit confusing at first. In a circular queue, the queue is full, not when the end of the underlying array is reached, but rather when storing an item would cause an unretrieved item to be overwritten. Thus, Put( ) must check several conditions in order to determine if the queue is full. As the comments suggest, the queue is full when either putloc is one less than getloc, or if putloc is at the end of the array and getloc is at the beginning. As before, the queue is empty when getloc and putloc are equal.
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2. With the Pick Tool, marquee-select only the front cover objects by click-diagonal
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TABLE 14-2
Figure 3.38 Pi network before combining calculated components.
Define a Class
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Both the push( ) and pop( ) functions perform a relational test on the pointer p1 to detect limit errors. In push( ), p1 is tested against the end of stack by adding STCKSIZE (the size of the stack) to tos. In pop( ), p1 is checked against tos to be sure that a stack underflow has not occurred. In pop( ), the parentheses are necessary in the return statement. Without them, the statement would look like
6. Click OK. 7. At this point you have simply added the user, Jami, for specific access to the Finance group of users. However, you have not said what additional rights Jami should have. Under the Access Level drop-down next to Jami, set the level to Full Control.
Datacom D1
Chris: Right. Most often, if you have some kind of navigation bar in your project, you're going to want to have three states for each button. Invariably when you show the prototype to a client, they will want to change certain things about each button. The nice thing about Fireworks is that you can go back in and make little graphics changes to your button and then just spit them all out again. The program saved the information about where you wanted the slices. That one feature is a huge timesaver for a graphics person working on a CD. Jeff: There is sort of a handoff between the designer and the programmer. So all this different content is getting integrated by Director. Chris: Well, certainly you can make all your images in Director if you want to, but the paint window in Director is not very sophisticated. Almost all of the graphical content is being made outside of Director and then being cut up into usable elements and put in Director. All of the code in a CD-ROM project like this is done in Lingo, but of course you are using more and more Xtras (either those that you are getting directly from Macromedia or from other third-party developers). Many of those little chunks of code are coming from outside. And some of these Xtras manipulate the HTML components Jeff: A lot of times the Xtras are doing system calls or operations that are a step behind the usual capabilities of Director. Director has always been a melting pot of media types, and it has gotten more and more elaborate. There are certain ways that make more sense to do things. You will almost always do the whole interface for your CD-ROM in Director using Lingo. In some cases, you don't even need to use the programming language you use behaviors, standard bits of code that you can drag and drop onto graphics elements and suddenly you have created a button, without knowing a line of code. Sometimes you may want to be pulling in all sorts of media types. That is where you might throw in a page of HTML or a Flash movie or launch PDF les. Can you output things from Fireworks in a format that can be integrated into Lingo Jeff: The main thing Fireworks exports is little graphics. In one production process, you take all those graphics and make Web pages. You go
provided this last limit exists either as a finite or infinite limit. Let us look at some examples.
If you select an object, Designer uses its @Select function
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