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Sequential searches can be a problem with Btrees. To perform a range search, the search procedure must travel up and down the tree. For example, to retrieve keys in the range 28 to 60 in Figure 8.13(a), the search process starts in the root, descends to the left leaf node, returns to the root, and then descends to the right leaf node. This procedure has problems with retention o f physical records in memory. Operating systems may replace physical records if there have not been recent accesses. Because some time may elapse before a par B+tree file ent node is accessed again, the operating system may replace it with another physical record if main m e m o r y b e c o m e s full. Thus, another physical record access may be n e c e s sary w h e n the parent node is accessed again. To ensure that physical records are not replaced, the B+tree variation is usually imple mented. Figure 8.14 shows the two parts o f a B+tree. The triangle (index set) represents a normal Btree index. The lower part (sequence set) contains the leaf nodes. All keys reside in the leaf nodes even if a key appears in the index set. The leaf nodes are connected to gether so that sequential searches do not need to move up the tree. Once the initial key is found, the search process accesses only nodes in the sequence set.
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Gynecologic Oncology
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The positive root, 1.3, is the one for this point. The integral for the shaded area is
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Categorizes Expenses Expenseltem
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Intangibles Whether we have the amortization numbers for the historical years is not important, as the model will read the hard-coded inputs for these years. B111 D111 These can be left blank, or you can write B32 and copy to column D.
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Data Communications Basics Data Communications Basics 29
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Table 3.8 History of bridge failures due to accidents or impact from trains (human error). U.S. Bridges Alabama Rail Bridge Turkey Creek Bridge West Grove Bridge German Bridges 2-span bridge (over railway line) Wuppertal Schwebebahn bridge over Wupper River British Bridges St. John s Bridge Indian Bridges Bridge over Beki River Australian Bridges Bridge near Granville Station over railway line Sydney 1977 Derailed train impact under bridge Northeast of India 1977 Derailed train impact on bridge accident London 1957 Derailed train rams steel pier of 350 ton girder bridge, bridge collapses on train Near Eschede Wuppertal Schwebebahn 1998 1999 Derailed train impact under bridge accident Maintenance personnel left maintenance equipment on tracks; train derails Location Alabama Sharon Springs, Kansas Silver Lake, Kansas Year 1979 2002 2004 Failure Details Train impact Train brakes became very hot, setting timber bridge on re Bridge collapsed after derailment of 40 of the coal train s 137 cars
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Examples of Disc Recording Applications
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The corresponding SQL for a Current Quarter Sales object using CASE is
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Parse Conditions Check Cardinalities Check For Loops
The curve y = x 2 goes through the points (1,l) and (2,4) so approximate the area under this curve with a triangle and trapezoid as shown in Fig. 7-4. The area of the triangle is (1/2)1-1=1/2. The area of a trapezoid is (1/2)(sum of the opposite faces)(height) which in this case is (1/2)(1+ 4)(1) = 2.5. The sum of these areas is 3, even closer to the area of 2.7 obtained through the integral. If this process were continued with narrower and narrower trapezoids the area would approach the 2.7 obtained through the integral.
Spring constant (K1 = T/Dq)
Objectives 6.1 The Subscriber Drop 6.2 Subscriber Converters Summary Questions Problems
We call G the conductance of the circuit and B the susceptance. In polar form Y= G 2 + B 2 tan 1 B G (8.12)
2: IT Governance and Risk Management
Operator Overloading, Indexers, and Properties
Declaring num as a pointer works because any pointer can be indexed using [ ] as if it were an array. (Actually, arrays and pointers are very closely linked.) All three methods of declaring an array parameter yield the same result: a pointer. On the other hand, an array element used as an argument is treated like any other variable. For example, the program just examined could have been written without passing the entire array, as shown here:
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