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he source code for a C (or C++) program can include various instructions to the compiler. Although not actually part of the C/C++ language, these preprocessor directives expand the scope of its programming environment. This chapter examines the preprocessor. It also examines C++ Builder s built-in macros, and some additions made to the preprocessor by C++ Builder. The chapter ends with an examination of comments. Standard C/C++ supports the following preprocessor directives: #define #error #include #elif #if #line #else #ifdef #pragma #endif #ifndef #undef
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Michael Hackleman
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// This program will not compile. class X { int a; public X(int i) { a = i; } } class Y { int a; public Y(int i) { a = i; } } class IncompatibleRef { static void Main() {
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Description ANDs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by value and returns a BitArray that contains the result. Returns the value of the bit at the index specified by index. Performs a bitwise, logical NOT on the invoking collection and returns a BitArray that contains the result. ORs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by value and returns a BitArray that contains the result. Sets the bit at the index specified by index to value. Sets all bits to value. XORs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by value and returns a BitArray that contains the result.
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Use in Business and Education
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Figure 29-26.
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Part I:
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The C# Language
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Character modeling Character animation Working with 3-D Hardware: Procedural shading Lighting Effects Game Art (digital based art with game content) Visualizing Information
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Networking Bits
The Development of Blu-ray Disc
This level in dBmV constitutes the so-called noise oor in cable television ampli er cascades.
The enhancements to Firefox 3 include the new Firefox 3 smart location bar, affectionately known as the Awesome Bar. It learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering better-fitting matches over time. The Firefox 3 Library archives browsing history, bookmarks, and tags, where they can be easily searched and organized. One-click bookmarking and tagging make it easy to remember, search, and organize web sites. The new full-page zoom displays any part of a web page, up close and readable, in seconds. Figure 6-3 shows a sample Firefox 3 screen.
Clearly, for this section to have any relevance, your goal is to integrate your OLAP database as another data source in your BusinessObjects XI deployment. The question becomes, then, when to build intelligence into the OLAP database. As shown in Figure 14-1, when the intelligence is put in an OLAP database, the server does the work (place 1), thus minimizing network traffic. In general, building intelligence into any server-based technology will also ensure consistent business definitions (compared to varying calculations in user reports and spreadsheets). Further, OLAP databases have a better understanding of business analysis than most SQL-based reporting tools, so a number of functions are built into the OLAP engine. For time period calculations, Essbase includes dynamic period-to-date calculations with a toggle. Period-to-date functions are native to MDX and MS Analysis Services, rather than the complex SQL CASE functions presented in 11. Recall the discussions on
Additional modules can be added to the X10 to IR Linc to make the system even smarter:
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is another technique that relies on sedimentation. SEC, however, uses gravity, or sometimes pressure, to sediment a solution through a gel. The gels used in SEC, however, differ from those used in electrophoresis in the following way. SEC gels are not one solid piece of gel, but rather a tightly packed suspension of gel beads or particles with spaces between them. There are pores on the surface of the gel particles through which molecules pass to get into the gel matrix on the inside each particle or bead. These pores, however, are very small, excluding larger molecules. Smaller molecules enter these pores, but when they do it can take them some time to pass through or otherwise exit the gel bead. This slows down the smaller molecules. Larger molecules bump into the gel particles (as we saw with electrophoresis) but move around the spaces between the gel beads much faster than the smaller molecules that are temporarily trapped inside the gel beads. The end result is similar to electrophoresis in that molecules are separated based on their size. However, in SEC it is the larger molecules that pass through the gel faster and the smaller molecules that lag behind. Using gels with different size pores can exclude different size molecules from the insides of the gel particles.
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