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Although there were other structured languages at the time, C was the first to successfully combine power, elegance, and expressiveness. Its terse, yet easy-to-use syntax coupled with its philosophy that the programmer (not the language) was in charge quickly won many converts. It can be a bit hard to understand from today s perspective, but C was a breath of fresh air that programmers had long awaited. As a result, C became the most widely used structured programming language of the 1980s. However, even the venerable C language had its limits. One of the most troublesome was its inability to handle large programs. The C language hits a barrier once a project reaches a certain size, and after that point, C programs are difficult to understand and maintain. Precisely where this limit is reached depends upon the program, the programmer, and the tools at hand, but there is always a threshold beyond which a C program becomes unmanageable.
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By default, EIGRP behaves, in many instances, like a distance vector protocol. One example of this process is when EIGRP advertises subnets across network boundaries: before advertising any subnets across a different network number, EIGRP automatically summarizes the subnets back to the network class boundary (A, B, or C) and advertises the network class address instead. You can disable this automatic summarization with the no auto-summary command in the EIGRP routing process:
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The C# Language
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Use the infinitive after these conjunctions when the subject does not change:
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telephone interface. However, that s a little more advanced and out of the scope of our discussion. Instead, our system will be set up using HAI s PC Access software package. Then, we ll be able to monitor the system over the Internet, using HAI s Web-Link II application. Naturally, not every security system will allow this level of management. However, since the PC Access and Web-Link II packages allow connectivity with other Smart Home devices (namely, our X10 components), we ll show how these tools are an integral part of our Smart Home. If you elect to buy another sort of security system (or none at all) the following pages should at least give you an understanding of what goes on with computer control of your Smart Home.
1.2.8 User data encapsulation by layer
Exploring the C# Library
Quality of Service
Cable TV Technology
Working and Playing Together: The Smart Home Way
Right-clicking on the Data Sources node in the Workspace Browser brings up a context menu with the option to create a new data source. Choosing this option opens the Select a Data Source Template dialog box. This dialog breaks down the connection types into three categories: Multidimensional, Standard Queries, and Tabular Lists. There is also an All node that will show all of the different data source templates at once in the Template pane of the dialog box. The multidimensional templates folder includes a single template for Analysis Services. The Analysis Services template can connect to both Analysis Services 2000 and Analysis Services 2005. The Standard Queries category includes just a single template to open any data source accessible via ODBC. The Tabular List category includes four templates: one for Excel Services (the web version of Excel), one to import data from an Excel 2007 workbook, one to import data from SharePoint Lists, and a final template to read directly from a SQL Server table, which includes both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. Figure 5-3 shows all the data source types that are included with PerformancePoint Server. Since most business intelligence applications will be based, at least partly, on Analysis Services cubes, this example will show you how to set up a data connection to Analysis Services 2005. After choosing to create a new data source and selecting Analysis Services as the template, a dialog box appears that asks for the name of the data source, the default display folder, and whether or not to grant read permissions to users who are authenticated to the PerformancePoint Monitoring Server. The name should be descriptive but is not something that will be seen by end users; it is only visible to other developers. The default display folder location is optional and will create a folder (or use an existing one) in the Workspace Browser. The folder mechanism allows for multiple items, in this case data sources, to be grouped into subfolders under the folder representing the type of object. This makes it easier to group items. For example, in companies that have many scorecards, it might help to categorize them by functional area. Choosing to grant Read permissions to all users who are authenticated to the PerformancePoint Monitoring Server automatically adds all users to a role for that
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