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We now have a series of bowenoid papulosis cases that look completely different clinically and dermoscopically. One with melanoma-specific criteria and one with the ring-like pattern associated with a genital lentigo. Ring-like structures are well-developed and should not be confused with the globules associated with a melanocytic lesion. The normal skin color should not be confused with regression. There are no high risk dermoscopic criteria. The irregular clinical appearance trumped the low risk dermoscopic pattern and led to an incisional biopsy.
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Thus, when one (or both) of the nullable objects used in a comparison is null, the result of that comparison is always false; null does not participate in an ordering relationship. You can test whether a nullable object contains null, however, by using the == or != operator. For example, this is a valid test that will result in a true outcome:
Declaring Variable Length Parameter Lists
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Charge-induced dipole forces Dipole-induced dipole forces
Fiber in the LAN
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