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To Change Object Size (Scale) Click-drag any corner handle to change an object s size proportionally, meaning the relative width and height remains in proportion to the original object shape. Hold ALT while dragging any corner selection handle to change an object s shape disproportionally, meaning width and height change, regardless of original proportions. To Change Width or Height Only Click-drag any side, top, or bottom selection handle to change the size of the object in the drag direction. Hold SHIFT while doing this to change the width or height from the center of the object, or hold CTRL while dragging to change the width or height in 200-percent increments.
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11: Review Questions and Answers
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Pricing RTO and RPO Capabilities
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Letterbox A technique for displaying lms in their original format by placing black matte regions on the top and bottom of the image area. This allows a widescreen image to be placed on a standard TV with its 4:3 aspect ratio. DVD-Video players can typically apply this feature automatically. Level A The highest quality level of ADPCM compression. Speci ed in the CDROM-XA and CD-I standards, Level A recording has a frequency range of 17KHz. Up to 148 minutes of stereo audio material can be contained on a single disc, or 296 minutes of monaural sound. Level B The secondary level of ADPCM compression. A single disc can hold up to 296 minutes of stereo audio material or 592 minutes of monaural sound. Sound quality is generally equivalent to FM radio quality. Level C The most compressed form of ADPCM (and the lowest quality). A single disc can hold about 540 minutes of stereo audio material or 1,140 minutes of monaural sound. Sound quality is sometimes likened to that of AM radio. Logical Block An addressable unit on a compact disc. Each logical block, as described in ISO 9660, is assigned an identi er, referred to as the Logical Block Number (LBN). LBNs are assigned in sequence starting from block number 0. Logical Block Numbers are used to locate data stored on a disc.
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Additional components
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Main thread starting. Child #1 starting. .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count .....In Child #1, Count Child #1 terminating. Main thread ending.
Why would I want to manually throw an exception Most often, the exceptions that you will throw will be instances of exception classes that you created. As you will see later in this chapter, creating your own exception classes allows you to handle errors in your code as part of your program s overall exceptionhandling strategy.
5 (Section 5.4.1) prescribed informal documentation for business rules involving uniqueness of attributes, attribute value restrictions, null values, and default values. It is important to document these kinds of business rules because they can be converted to a formal specification in SQL as described in s 11 and 14. You should use informal documentation, associated with entity types, attributes, and relationships to record these kinds of business rules.
Alex M. Kotylar
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Tunnel Packet P 2 Labels R2A R2B Packet P 2 Labels R2C
Original array: This is a test. Modified array: This was a test, too!
Because ob is also of type T, its type is compatible with the return type specified by GetOb( ). The GenericsDemo class demonstrates the generic MyGenClass class. It first creates a version of MyGenClass for type int, as shown here:
Defines how to multiplex multiple network layer protocols in the data link layer frame, which doesn t have to be Ethernet. LLC is performed in software. Defines how information is transmitted in an Ethernet environment and defines the framing, MAC addressing, and mechanics as to how Ethernet works. MAC is performed in hardware.
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