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Part I:
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Amazon may be the most widely known cloud vendor. They offer services on many different fronts, from storage to platform to databases. Amazon seems to have their finger in a number of cloud technologies.
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i < j i <= j i != j !(b1 & b2) is true b1 | b2 is true b1 ^ b2 is true
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Algorithms act on containers. They provide the means by which you will manipulate the contents of containers. Their capabilities include initializing, sorting, searching, and transforming the contents of containers. Many algorithms operate on a range of elements within a container.
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The Deming Cycle
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static void Main() { // A statement lambda that returns the factorial // of the value it is passed. IntOp fact = n => { int r = 1; for(int i=1; i <= n; i++) r = i * r; return r; };
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The #else directive works much like the else that is part of the C# language: It establishes an alternative if #if fails. Here is an example:
The bool Type
The boot system commands can be used to modify the default behavior of where the bootstrap program should load the IOS. When the bootstrap program loads, it examines the con guration le stored in NVRAM for boot system commands. If they are found, the IOS uses these commands to nd the IOS. If no boot system commands are found, the router uses the
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