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The wavelength of X rays ranges from approximately 10 billionths of a meter to about 10 trillionths of a meter. Thus, X rays are electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths than those of ultraviolet light. GAMMA RAYS Located toward the top of the known frequency spectrum, gamma rays have wavelengths under 10 trillionths of a meter. Because of their high frequency gamma rays are more penetrating than , X rays. Gamma rays are created by such radioactive substances (isotopes) as cobalt-60 (60Co) and cesium-137 (137Cs) and are also a side effect of nuclear explosions. When controlled, gamma rays are used to destroy cancer cells and are also used as a tracer when placed inside a patient s body. The latter represents a fantastic voyage quite similar to the movie by that name but without the need to miniaturize humans.
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Urban legends have been around as long as urbs, and myths have existed even longer. Inevitably, every new technology brings with it a perplexity of misunderstanding, misinformation, and usually a few conspiracy theories. In the case of Blu-ray Disc , the war with HD DVD made things even worse as people let their facts wander off without a leash, biting bystanders at random. Official and unofficial supporters of each camp lobbed nuggets of half-truths into the fray Blu-ray manufacturing will never make it out of the laboratory; Blu-ray has better picture; HD DVD has better picture; Blu-ray has region control and HD DVD doesn t; Blu-ray requires so many complex features such as Java and picture in picture that players can t be built; Blu-ray doesn t have enough mandatory features such as picture-in-picture and an Internet connection, and so on. After Blu-ray hit the market, and then after the format war ended, some myths quickly met their well-deserved deaths, but many others continue to circulate like urban legends of microwaved cats and stolen kidneys. This chapter tackles myths that will not die, myths that sound true until you think about them for a minute, and myths that even some respectable people bought into whose names we re keeping secret for a whole bunch of money. Some myths are not strictly wrong, but reflect a misunderstanding of a particular fundamental aspect of Blu-ray technology and raise the hackles of your curmudgeonly book authors. In other words, any sort of incorrect or inaccurate statement about Blu-ray is fair game in this chapter. barcode scanning
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The C# Language
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Part I:
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Transaction Information Descriptive Text (User-defined) Fingerprint Image Data (Low-resolution grayscale) Fingerprint Image Data (High-resolution grayscale) Fingerprint Image Data (Low-resolution binary) Fingerprint Image Data (High-resolution binary) Image Data (User-defined) Signature Image Data Minutiae Data Facial & SMT Image Data Reserved for Future Use Reserved for Future Use Latent Image Data (Variable-resolution) Tenprint Fingerprint Impressions (Variable-resolution) Palmprint Image Data (Variable-resolution) User-defined Testing Image Data (Variable-resolution)
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84. Unsaturated lipids are A. lipids containing double bonds within the hydrocarbon chain. B. lipids that are not saturated with hydrogen. C. lipids that cannot pack as closely together as saturated lipids. D. all of the above E. none of the above 85. A certain receptor on the cell surface binds the hormone insulin with
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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5. Drawing a Conclusion Why did it take less time for the water to boil when the wire
Figure 2 - 5
Laboratory Manual
To edit tab stops on the Ruler, the Ruler must be visible (choose View | Rulers). You use the Text Tool in selecting the Paragraph Text, and you click to set or edit the tab stops. To view tab characters in the body of your Paragraph Text, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (Text | Show NonPrinting Characters). Before creating new tabs, you should delete all the tabs that are already in place select Remove All from the Tab Settings dialog. To create new tabs with the Ruler, use the Text Tool to select the paragraphs to which you want to add tabs, and then click on the horizontal Ruler where you want to add the new tab stop. The type of the tab is set with the tab-type selector at the left end of the Ruler, where you usually find the Ruler origin. Clicking the selector button cycles between the four tab states: left center right decimal, as shown in Figure 14-11. To move a tab, simply drag it to its new position on the Ruler. To delete a tab, drag it off the Ruler and into the drawing. To change the type of a tab, delete it and create a new one of
19: Basic Routing
When a dimension is found, it can simply be dragged into the Rows, Columns, or Background. Just as with the PerformancePoint Server Analytic Charts and Grids, there can be multiple dimensions on rows and columns. Removing a dimension from the Rows, Columns, or Background can be done by right-clicking on the dimension and choosing Remove or dragging the dimension out of the Rows, Columns, or Background panes. Moving items around does not immediately change the chart by default; to update the view, the user must click the Apply button on the toolbar. Users desiring to have the chart update as they make changes can choose Auto Apply from the View menu; with this option, the chart or grid updates as soon as the mouse moves off the Setup Panel. Many users prefer the Auto Apply setting, but when making selections that may result in long-running queries, users may accidentally move off the Setup Panel before they re ready and then spend seconds or minutes waiting for the query to execute before they can finish making their changes. The Setup Panel has two tabs: Hierarchies and Select Items. A user can click on a hierarchy or the Measures item and then click on the Select Items, or simply double-click on the choice and this will open the Select Items tab. For example, to change the measure being displayed, the user can double-click on the Measures item and the Select Items tab will appear with a list of all the measures. As explained earlier in this chapter, there cannot be multiple measures in the background at once, but selecting multiple measures here will create a drop-down for the chart, which ProClarity refers to as Slicers. Figure 6-31 shows three measures selected in the Setup Panel and the resulting Slicer that appears above the chart. Double-clicking on a hierarchy (either user or attribute) in the Hierarchies tab opens the Select Items tab and allows users to select individual members of that hierarchy. For example, assume that the current query has Gross Profit in the Background, the Product Categories hierarchy in the Rows, and Date.Calendar hierarchy in the Columns. Now, in the Hierarchies tab, the user expands the Customer dimension and then double-clicks on the Customer Geography dimension. This opens the Select Items tab with Default (All Customers) selected. Expanding the All Customers member will reveal the members of the Country level. Selecting one of these items will automatically put the Customer Geography in the Background. Selecting two or more members will keep the Customer Geography hierarchy in the background but a Slicer will appear above the chart. In addition, an icon will appear next to the Customer Geography dimension to show that it is sliced. This symbol is shown in the illustration below left. This is fine if the desire is to keep the items separate, selecting one at a time by choosing them in a Slicer. If the goal is to combine the choices and sum them, clicking on the icon changes it to one representing combined items. This icon is shown in the illustration on the right below.
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There are several things of interest in the preceding example. First, notice how ITwoDCoord is declared:
C++ from the Ground Up
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