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Figure 9-22
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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ArrayUtils.CopyInsert(99, 2, nums, nums2);
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The primary focus for marketing DVD and Blu-ray Disc is, of course, home entertainment. However, the effectiveness of video has long been recognized for instruction and learning. DVD-Video has been hugely successful in business and education for advertising, marketing and communications, training, self-instruction, museum installations, video signs, and much, much more, especially because of the extremely low cost of DVD players. Digital video on hard disks or flash memory and Internet-delivered video have begun to make a dent in the roles that DVD carved out, but there remains an important role for Blu-ray, especially with its superior interactivity, high-definition video, and relatively low cost.
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With the increasing popularity of disc printers, most media manufacturers have introduced blank media with coated surfaces for thermal or inkjet printing, as well as other forms of disc printing. Coated media of this sort is generally more expensive than blank discs without a prepared surface or discs with an area surfaced for labeling with a permanent marker. Don t spend the extra dollars on a printable surface unless you really need it for disc printing. As an example of the range of surfaces available, Kodak offers these blank disc variations: Inkjet Printable White: for the purest color renditions and most saturated hues, white surfaces work best for disc printing. Kodak offers this bright-white coated media that is optimized for inkjet printing. Inkjet Printable Gold: gold surfaces will somewhat affect the colors overprinted on them, but the gold can be effectively integrated into the printed design for striking effects. Thermal Printable White: the overcoat on this disc surface is designed for CD thermal transfer printing. The bright white surface provides sharp image quality and vivid colors.
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Exploring the C# Library
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3. Configure an IP address of on the serial0 interface, set the clock rate to 64,000 bps, and enable the interface. Configure serial0: interface serial0, ip address, clock rate 64000, no shutdown, and exit. Return to Privilege EXEC mode by typing end. 4. Save the configuration file on the router: copy running-config startup-config. 5. Test connectivity between the Host-1 PC and the 2600-1. Click the eStations icon within the simulator and select Host-1. Test the connection from Host-1 by pinging the 2600-1: ping The ping should be successful. 6. Access the 2600-2 router: Click the eRouters button and choose 2600-2. 7. Configure an IP address of on fastethernet0/0 of the 2600-2 router and bring up the interface. Go to Privilege EXEC mode and type this: configure terminal, interface fastethernet0/0, ip address, no shutdown, and exit. 8. Configure an IP address of on the serial0 interface and enable the interface. Configure serial0: interface serial0, ip address, no shutdown, and exit. Return to Privilege EXEC mode by typing end. 9. Save the configuration file on the router: copy running-config startup-config. 10. Test connectivity between the 2600-2 and 2600-1 router: ping The ping should be successful. 11. Test connectivity between the Host-3 PC and the 2600-2. Click the eStations icon within the simulator and select Host-3. Test the connection from Host-3 by pinging the 2600-2: ping The ping should be successful. You should now be more familiar with configuring IP addressing information on a router.
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In 6 months, t = 6 , the population will be
Using I/O
You want your text to be spelled correctly, including accent and other orthographic marks (text indicators of how a word is pronounced), regardless of what language you use. When text is tagged with the proper language codes and you ve installed the corresponding proofing tools, it s as easy to check foreign language text as it is to check your native language text. For example, suppose you re working on a package design that contains text in English, French, and Spanish on a system that uses U.S. English. To proof in multiple languages, you select each piece of French text and assign it a French language tag, select each piece of Spanish text and assign that text a Spanish language tag, and so on. CorelDRAW has already assigned the English language tag, so you don t have to do that. Now when checking the document for spelling and grammar, CorelDRAW will use English, French, and Spanish proofing tools (if you installed them) to check the text for foreign language spelling errors. Corel s proofing engine is also capable of proofing text to meet the spelling and punctuation standards of different regional and national variations for a number of major languages. This ensures, for example, that text that has been tagged as French Canadian will be checked using the French (Canadian) proofing set and rules that reflect correct French Canadian spelling, grammar, and word choice. If the French text in the document is intended for French speakers in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, or Switzerland, instead of Canada, you would tag the text to match French (Belgium), French (France), French (Luxembourg), French (Monaco), or French (Switzerland) so that the appropriate proofing tools would be called into use by CorelDRAW.
Automating Tasks and Visual Basic for Applications
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