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The time can range from 1 to 60 minutes. To see who is currently logged into the appliance via telnet, use the who command:
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Performance Simulations
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The framing protocol driver calculates the byte count of the output buffer and adds a framing header. In addition to the byte count, the framing header includes a two-bit priority value, as determined by the WinStation driver. For example, if the total byte count of the output buffer is 1320 bytes and the packet is high priority, the binary value of the framing header is as follows:
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Part III:
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FIGURE 21-19
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Although exit( ) is not a program control statement, a short digression that discusses it is in order at this time. Just as you can break out of a loop, you can break out of a program by using the standard library function exit( ). This function causes immediate termination of the entire program, forcing a return to the operating system. In effect, the exit( ) function acts as if it were breaking out of the entire program. The general form of the exit( ) function is void exit(int status); It uses the <stdlib.h> header. The value of status is returned to the calling process, which is usually the operating system. Zero is commonly used as a return code to indicate normal program termination. Other values indicate some sort of error. You can also use the predefined macros EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE as values for status. Programmers frequently use exit( ) when a mandatory condition for program execution is not satisfied. For example, imagine a virtual-reality computer game that requires a special graphics adapter. The main( ) function of this game might look like this,
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UnregistrationConfirm (UCF) Used by a gatekeeper or endpoint to confirm the cancellation of a registration. UnregistrationReject (URJ) AdmissionRequest (ARQ) AdmissionConfirm (ACF) AdmissionReject (ARJ) BandwidthRequest (BRQ) A negative response to an UnregistrationRequest. Sent from an endpoint to a gatekeeper to request permission to participate in a call. Used by a gatekeeper to grant permission to an endpoint to participate in a call. Used by a gatekeeper to deny an endpoint permission to participate in a call. Sent from an endpoint or a gatekeeper to request a change in allocated bandwidth.
Laboratory Manual
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26: Frame Relay
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The following steps are provided for ready reference. Prior to developing a software or for solving the equations using hand calculations, equations need to be checked against the latest version of applicable AASHTO LRFD Speci cations or LRFR Manual. Refer to AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation of Bridges Example A8. Geometry, materials, traf c data: LL Span fc Fy Skew HL-93 (HS-25 truck and lane) 100 ft 2.5 ksi 30 ksi 500 0 deg. 10 ft 1.5 in horizontal resisting forces above NA Pc Fyc bc tc Force in bottom ange Pt horizontal resisting forces
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