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cludes some simple PRBS patterns, SONET/SDH frame patterns, and test patterns for FDDI LAN applications.
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Man-made disasters are those events that are directly or indirectly caused by human activity, through action or inaction. The results of man-made disasters are similar to natural disasters: localized or widespread damage to businesses that result in potentially lengthy interruptions in operations. Examples of man-made disasters include Civil disturbances These can take on many forms, including protests, demonstrations, riots, strikes, work slowdowns and stoppages, looting, and resulting actions such as curfews, evacuations, or lockdowns. Utility outages Failures in electric, natural gas, district heating, water, communications, and other utilities. These can be caused by equipment failures, sabotage, or natural events such as landslides or flooding. Materials shortages Interruptions in the supply of food, fuel, supplies, and materials can have a ripple effect on businesses and the services that support them. Readers who are old enough to remember the petroleum shortages of the mid-1970s know what this is all about; Figure 7-4 shows a 1970s-era gas
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Indexing a Pointer
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// Demonstrate casting. using System; class CastDemo { static void Main() { double x, y; byte b; int i; char ch; x = 10.0; y = 3.0;
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Voice-coding scheme Packetization interval The use of silence suppression Probability of excessive packet collision if silence suppression is used
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Once you execute this command, all traffic is permitted between interfaces with the same level number; if you want to restrict this traffic, use ACLs, which are discussed in 6. SECURITY ALERT! By default, outbound traffic on your appliance is permitted. However, inbound traffic is automatically dropped when it s going to any other interface, unless you explicitly permit it. Let s look at an example to illustrate the use of security levels. Figure 3-1 shows a network that I use throughout the rest of this chapter. In this example, the appliance has three interfaces: an external (connected to the perimeter router and the Internet),
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To connect two wires together, utilize butt connectors, as shown in Figure 6-8. Then, use a crimping tool to secure the connector, like the one shown in Figure 6-9.
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Shooting Action Sequences Getting to Know Your PC
Human interface architecture Presentation architecture Security architecture Functioning organization
Emergency Kit
The basic le structure used on a DVD-V disc is shown in the following gure.
Certi cation Summary
Chemistry: Matter and Change 13
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