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are easily seen. PPI (pixels per inch) A measurement of the resolution of an image based on the number
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gateways, the network binding order of the NICs in the server determine which default gateway should be utilized. Using our example illustrated previously, we selected the address as our default gateway. The network card operating on the network must be moved to the top of the network binding order. To configure the network binding order: For Windows 2000 1. Open Start|Settings|Control Panel|Network and Dial-up Connections. 2. Select Advanced|Advanced Settings. 3. Under the section Connections, place the NIC to operate as your default gateway first in the list. For Windows Server 2003 1. Open Start|Control Panel|Network Connections. 2. Select Advanced|Advanced Settings. 3. Under the section Connections, place the NIC to operate as your default gateway first in the list. In certain environments, the configuration of the network binding order may not be sufficient for proper Presentation Server functionality. An example would be a Presentation Server with two connections to the Internet, where each provides ICA connectivity for a diverse range of IP subnets. The Presentation Server only uses the Default Gateway of the first NIC in its network binding order, referenced as Network 1. If the Presentation Server were to receive a request from a Client on Network 2 of its second NIC, which is not the Default Gateway, and there was no routing table entry for Network 2 in the local routing table of the Presentation Server, then the response to the client request would be sent through Network 1. This likely would cause the request to fail. Or, you can remove the additional default gateway configurations from each additional NIC on the server. This is done through the server s TCP/IP configuration. Using servers MFSRV01 and MFSRV02 from the previous illustration, we select as our default gateway for both servers, and so remove the default gateway setting from the NICs operating on the network. Running the command line utility IPCONFIG on MFSRV01 shows the following:
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Figure 7-22 The before and after of populating the Member of Dimension data type in a dimension.
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1. Pour 3 mL of saturated sodium chloride solution
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Two of the most valuable resources we possess as human beings are our time and our energy. How you honor these two precious resources is a direct reflection on the kind of people and circumstances that you allow into your life, or the choices you make.
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Bode Plots and Butterworth Filters
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Once MyCounter has been specified as another name for Counter.CountDown, it can be used to declare objects without any further namespace qualification. For example, in the program, this line
Method public void Sort(int index, int count, IComparer<T> comparer) public T[ ] ToArray( ) public void TrimExcess( )
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
Frame Relay Configuration
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syntax. If you use @Select with @Aggregate_Aware, the parsing may be slower and less accurate. For complete universe integrity, be sure to test the objects by running queries and viewing the full SQL generated. 12. Click OK to close the SQL Editor and then OK again to save the object definitions. To enable aggregate awareness on Quantity Sold and Margin, repeat Steps 3 12, selecting the appropriate objects and columns. At this point, there are no joins between the aggregate fact table and the dimension tables, nor is the aggregate part of a context. The aggregate table would normally have keys to join to the dimension tables that Designer may have detected; however, the design of this table is a bit unusual, so you must manually add the following two joins:
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