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using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; class ExternMeth { // Here an extern method is declared. [DllImport("ExtMeth.dll")] public extern static int AbsMax(int a, int b); static void Main() { // Use the extern method.
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This first section provides only a cursory and informal introduction to Ethernet for the sake of completeness to the rest of the book. Ethernet has been around for several decades now and, as is to be expected, there is a good deal of literature available. Some of this literature [1 6] is noted in the reference section at the end of this chapter and should be consulted for more comprehensive information on Ethernet.
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The AMC uses standard Windows logon and user account authentication to grant access to designated farm administrators. Access to the AMC must be granted through the AMC interface by adding a user or group to the Administrators section. To add a new administrator, the current administrator must have the privilege type Full Admin. NOTE: By default, the first administrator account in the Administrators group is the account that was logged into the server during the install of XenApp Server. To add a new Citrix administrator, follow these steps: 1. Open the Access Management Console and browse to Citrix Resources | Presentation Server | Farm Name | Administrators. 2. Highlight the Administrators group and select New |Add Administrator in the middle section. 3. In the dialog box that appears, add the user or group account and click Next. 4. Configure the alert contact details for Resource Manager alerts or SMS messages and click Next.
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Trace Digital
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The Group Policy Management Console
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Whenever the concept of the competitive environment enters a discussion, two other discussions ensue: the wireless local loop and the use of local multipoint distribution services. This chapter will look at some of the movement in this area, so that an understanding of how and why the last mile has become so critical in meeting the demands for higher-speed broadband communications. Moreover, when looking at the incumbent Local Exchange Carriers copper-based plant, one can only marvel at the lack of foresight in fending off the competition. The LECs have always been in control of the last mile, and invested heavily in the copper-based plant they use. Given the unshielded, twisted-pair wiring scheme and the band-limited channel capacity they deliver, one would expect them to write the cabling systems down (depreciate) as quickly as possible. Yet, to keep their costs competitively low, they have chosen the opposite route. Instead of fast depreciation, the LECs use a 20 30 year depreciation schedule on their cables. What this boils down to now is a cable plant that has not kept pace with the demands of the user and is still on the books for the provider. This is a problem for the carriers because they can ill afford to walk away from the cables in place, yet they have to breathe new life into an infrastructure that is limited in capacity. Moreover, the existing cable plant is prone to noise and disruption as a matter of course. A graphic representation of the local loop and some trouble spots is shown in Figure 18-1 .
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n this chapter, we explore Password Manager deployment scenarios, including Installation Manager, Active Directory Group Policy, and other techniques. We also look at several other administrator-related tasks, such as selecting a synchronization solution, performance charateristics, and scalability of Password Manager.
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Graphs (a) and (b) in Figure 1.53 are the graphs of invertible functions since no horizontal line intersects each graph more than once. Of course we must choose the domain and range appropriately. For (a) we take S = [ 4, 4] and T = [ 2, 3]; for (b) we take S = ( 3, 4) and T = ( 0, 5) . Graphs (a) and (b) in Figure 1.54 are the graphs of the inverse functions corresponding to (a) and (b) of Figure 1.53, respectively. They are obtained by reflection in the line y = x. In Figure 1.55, graphs (a) and (b) are not the graphs of invertible functions. For each there is exhibited a horizontal line that intersects the graph twice. However graphs (a) and (b) in Figure 1.56 exhibit a way to restrict
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Analysis-by-Synthesis (AbS) Codecs
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As you can see, f( ) is overloaded three times. The first version takes one integer parameter, the second version requires two integer parameters, and the third version has one double parameter. Because the parameter list for each version is different, the compiler is able to call the correct version of each function. In general, to overload a function, you simply declare different versions of it. The compiler uses the type and/or number of arguments as its guide to determining which version of an overloaded function to call. Thus, overloaded functions must differ in the type and/or number of their parameters. While overloaded functions may have different return types, the return type alone is not sufficient to distinguish two versions of a function. (Return types do not provide sufficient information in all cases for the compiler to correctly decide which function to use.) To better understand the benefit of function overloading, consider these three functions, which are located in the standard library: abs( ), labs( ), and fabs( ). These functions were first defined by the C language and, for compatibility, are also included in C++. The abs( ) function returns the absolute value of an integer, labs( ) returns the absolute value of a long, and fabs( ) returns the absolute value of a double. In C (which does not support function overloading), three slightly different names must be used to represent these essentially similar tasks. This makes the situation more complex, conceptually, than it actually is. Even though the underlying concept of each function is the same, the programmer has three names to remember, not just one. However, in C++ it is possible to use just one name for all three functions, as illustrated in this example:
The prototype for malloc( ) is in <stdlib.h>. The malloc( ) function returns a pointer to the first byte of a region of memory size bytes long that has been allocated from the heap. If there is insufficient memory in the heap to satisfy the request, malloc( ) returns a null pointer. It is always important to verify that the return value is not a null pointer before attempting to use the pointer. Attempting to use a null pointer usually causes a system crash.
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The Data Link Layer Interface (DLLI) is the frame relay link layer. Figure 8.2 shows the basic structure of a frame relay frame. Each data segment is encapsulated by a header and a frame check sequence. The header contains a Data Link Connection Identifier (DLCI) to identify the permanent virtual circuit (PVC), which is the logical connection to a distant site. This means that frames routed to one location contain a DLCI associated with that destination. It is the function of the frame relay switches in the network to use the DLCI to route the traffic to the configured destination. Since frame relay permits the use of multiple PVCs on a single physical connection, multiple PVCs may be configured. When the network must send a frame to one location, that frame is launched into the network with the appropriate DLCI. To reach a different destination, a different DLCI is used. In this way frames going to different sites can be multiplexed onto the same physical link. In fact, statistical multiplexing is an inherent feature in frame relay because of this characteristic of launching frames to different destinations on an as-needed basis. This also gives frame relay the characteristic of providing bandwidth on demand. That is, when a given application must send many frames to a destination, more of the available bandwidth on the link will be consumed by the application at that time.
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