Working with Single- and Multi-Page Documents in Software

Use QR-Code in Software Working with Single- and Multi-Page Documents

Transporting Voice by Using IP
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Password Manager
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Wall receptacles come in a variety of flavors, including standard designs (both outlets are X10 controlled), split (only one of the outlets is X10 enabled, the other outlet is always on), or heavy duty (which can accommodate large appliances). Heavy-duty receptacles (like the one shown in Figure 9-7) sell for US$45.99, while standard 110V units run anywhere between US$18 and US$30.
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Building Information Modeling
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When you click the Firewall tab, the Access Rules element is displayed by default in the middle pane. This screen can be seen in Figure 27-10. ACL policies are broken out on an interface-by-interface basis. Figure 27-10 shows three interfaces: dmz, inside, and outside. The dmz and inside interfaces have two implicit rules, while the outside interface has one ACL statement that allows ICMP traffic and an implicit rule that drops everything else. Notice the Enabled column that allows you to disable a particular statement. To add a statement to an existing interface ACL, select a statement in the list, and click the Add button at the top. (You can click the down arrow to the right of Add to add a statement before or after an existing ACL statement.) To edit or delete a statement, first select it and then click the corresponding button above the ACL statements. To move an ACL statement to a different position within the ACL, first select the statement and then click the up or down arrows above the list of ACL statements. You can also cut a selected ACL statement
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Flexible use of the RF medium The MAC protocol of WiMAX is independent of the PHY protocol. The higher layer MAC protocol does not make much assumption about the nature of the PHY protocols. This allows for development of newer PHY protocol to fit new applications as well as to take advantage of newer technologies. We have already seen the benefit of this with the development of OFDM and OFDMA standards. In addition, the MAC also allows support for TDD, FDD, and half-duplex operation. This facilitates flexible use of the PHY standard without any restriction from the higher layer protocol. The outcome of this flexibility is wider adaptation of the technology for larger sets of applications. Flexible use of RF bandwidth All the PHY protocol standards developed by IEEE 802.16 are not locked to a specific frequency and bandwidth. This allows for use of the technology in whatever spectrum a usable bandwidth is available. It may be used by certain operators using licensed spectrum and others using license-free spectrum. This also allows for flexible deployment in various regulatory regions of the world, as the allocation of spectrum in different regulatory regions is different. Efficient use of spectrum WiMAX MAC was designed to be highly centralized with the BS controlling all the accesses to the medium as well as dictating how efficiently the spectrum is used. The use of RF spectrum is controlled at all times by the BS such that a large majority of the channel utilization is scheduled by the BS based on the need of various SSs and their services. This allows for an extremely efficient use of RF spectrum as virtually no channel capacity is wasted. It is not only the scheduling part but also the adaptive coding technique that makes it very efficient in terms of use of the spectrum. In addition, the notion of various stages of service flow, which allows a WiMAX system to reserve a resource for a service flow but allocate the resource to other services if the owner of the resource has no immediate use for it, allows efficient use of the spectrum. Advanced QoS The QoS feature of WiMAX has already been extensively discussed in this chapter. It should be apparent from those discussions that the QoS capability of WiMAX is one of its key benefits. It was designed to provide support for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from TDM-like applications with constant bit rates to bursty applications. WiMAX MAC allows for scheduling that can look at a large set of parameters such as latency and jitter requirements of services and make scheduling decisions. Such capabilities make WiMAX highly capable of serving the needs of many services with diverse sets of QoS requirements.
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List of Values
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All nodes selected by ALT+clicking a node
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Make sure the certificate information between the Certificate Request follows and --End - This line lines is included copy and paste this into a file, and give the file to the CA administrator. The CA administrator will then use this information to create an identity certificate for the appliance. The administrator will then send back two files: one contains the root certificate, and one contains the identity certificate. You ll need to load these onto the appliance in the listed order. Use the crypto ca authenticate command to import the CA root certificate. Here s an example:
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W/m2 50 100 150 200 300 400
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
struct stype { int nums[10][10]; // 10 x 10 array of ints float b; } var;
There are 63 keywords currently defined by Standard C++. These are shown in Table 20-1. Remember that you cannot use any of the keywords as names for variables or functions. C++ Builder also defines a few special-purpose, nonstandard keywords, such as _ _rtti and _ _classid, which can be used in nonportable programs.
Nikon Coolpix 5700
To understand the benefits that WCCP provides, I ll go through the process that the appliance goes through when using WCCP: 1. The user opens a web page, where the connection (or connections) makes its way to the appliance. 2. The appliance intercepts the web connection request, encapsulates it in a Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) packet to prevent modification by intermediate devices, and forwards it to the web cache server. 3. If the content is cached in the server, it responds to the user directly with the content. 4. If the content is not cached in the server, a response is sent to the appliance, and the appliance allows the user s connection to proceed to the original web server. For step 3 during the redirection process, the appliance doesn t add the connection to the state table and therefore doesn t perform any TCP state tracking, doesn t randomize the TCP sequence number in the TCP header, doesn t perform Cut-through Proxy
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