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I ll first set up the data interfaces on the primary, which are e0/0 and e0/1:
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Encapsulation in the TCP/IP network model
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Packet P 2 Labels
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P.O. Box 19409 San Diego, CA 92119 Another experienced participant in the EV field, 3E offers an outstanding line of conversion booklets that (although somewhat dated today) are still highly useful.
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When you click the row for an interface in this section, you ll see some of the policies configured on the selected interface in the Details About Interface section. In Figure 18-4, FastEthernet4 is selected in the top section, and in the bottom section you can see the IP address and subnet mask on the interface as well as any ACL applied to the interface (in this example, ACL 102 is applied in the inbound direction).
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Virus Protection
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The previous modules have all been used to plug into the wall, then plug a lamp or appliance into it. However, what if you want to add X10 functionality to a ceiling mounted light, but you don t feel like installing an X10 wall switch or an inline dimmer Simple. Use a screw-in X10 module, like the one shown in Figure 9-4.
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After you complete the configuration, the policy must be bound to the global or virtual server level to make it active. Refer to the upcoming section on how to bind the authentication policy. TACACS+ Authentication To configure the Access Gateway to use a TACACS+ server, provide the server IP address and the TACACS+ secret. The port needs to be specified only when the server port number in use is something other than the default port number of 49. To configure a TACACS+ server, follow these steps: 1. In the left pane of the Configuration Utility, click SSL VPN. 2. In the right pane, click Global. 3. Under Authentication, click Authentication Settings. 4. In the Maximum Number of Users field, type the number of users who can be authenticated using TACACS+. 5. In Default Authentication Type, select TACACS. 6. Complete the settings as they are configured on your TACACS server and click OK.
In this version, the as statement checks the validity of the cast and then, if valid, performs the cast, all in one statement.
2.31 Initial Turn-On and Performance
The following are items Cisco supports that are part of the IPSec standard: Encryption algorithms connections) HMAC functions DES, 3DES, and AES (NULL is supported for data
2960 Overview
One of the most important decisions you will have to make concerning the upgrade to Feature Pack 1 is the method you will use to complete the installation. The transition can be divided into two basic paths: an upgrade and a migration. An upgrade involves installing the new software onto your existing servers, whereas a migration is the process of installing a completely new farm and then cutting over. You need to consider several factors when deciding which path is best for your environment, and the decision criteria may surprise you. The main goal of IT has always been to become more efficient. As time passes, the mounting pressures to do things faster, better, and with less time and effort are a constant driver. When you examine your possible paths to any upgrade, the future returns on time spent today can become exponential. So, as you attempt to decide which path to follow, there are some basic questions you should ask regarding your existing processes. Do you have a methodology for building and deploying XenApp servers Is there a documented process that will map the technical requirements to the business goals Have you developed implementation and testing plans to avoid downtime during a cutover If the answer to any of these questions is no, this may be a very good opportunity to invest some extra time and prevent a host of issues in the future.
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