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INFRARED REGIONS As a refresher, visible light extends from wavelengths of approximately 400 to 700 nm; wavelengths shorter than visible light are referred to as ultraviolet, X rays, and gamma rays, as the wavelength decreases. The region from 700 nm to 100 m is referred to as the infrared region, with wavelengths from 700 nm to 1 m considered to represent the near-infrared region. The remainder of the infrared region is additionally subdivided into the shortwave infrared region (SWIR) from 1 to 3 m, the midwave infrared region (MWIR) from 3 to 5 m, and the longwave infrared region (LWIR), whose wavelength exceeds 8 m. As a result of strong atmospheric absorption, the region between 5 and 8 m is commonly ignored. DOPING MATERIAL The use of lead sulfide within a semiconductor provides a mechanism to detect radiation under 3 m. Thus, it provides a basis for developing a SWIR detector. Other frequently used material for semiconductor detectors include silicon carbide, lead selenide, and indium antimonide. Silicon carbide results in the creation of a relatively wide bandgap, which results in the ability to detect ultraviolet radiation. The use of lead selenide and indium antimonide results in the ability to detect radiation at a wavelength under 5 m and provides the foundation for an MWIR detector. Thus, the doping of impurities provides the basis for the creation of detectors literally tuned to different wavelengths.
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Cable tray Light Plumbing
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Large capacitors, such as electrolytics, have their values printed plainly on them, but small disk and lm capacitors usually display just two or three code numbers. Most will have three characters, where the rst two are the rst and second signi cant digits and the third is a multiplier code. Unless a different unit is speci ed, the units are assumed pico (10 12) farads. Table A17 shows the multipliers. In addition there may be a fourth character (letter) indicating tolerance (see Table A18). Finally there may be a number-letter-number code for temperature coef cient (see Table A19). Table A20, at bottom, shows the capacitance value markings for capacitors manufactured in Europe.
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Real-Life Robots: Lessons from Veteran Builders
Figure 3-16 The GM EV1 electric vehicles being cr ushed, as seen in Who Killed the Electric Car (Source: http://e
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
When an object of a class is created, it will have its own copy of the member variables that comprise the class. This means that Q1 and Q2 will each have their own, separate copies of q, sloc, and rloc. Thus, the data associated with Q1 is distinct and separate from the data associated with Q2. To access a public member of a class through an object of that class, use the dot operator, just the way you do when operating on a structure. For example, to output Q1 s value of sloc, use the following statement.
Project Information Successful project management relies on access to information and its proper management. One of the chief advantages of a BIM is the fact that all the information related to a project can now be contained in, or linked to, the BIM. It is a challenge, however, to manage this complex array of information containers well. Simulation models allow for a variety of ways in which project data may be available to the user. See the earlier section Project Models under the heading Model Intelligence. The most basic model information is related to physical parameters, such as size, location, and quantity; further information will be embedded in the objects of the model, such as material specifications, model numbers, and suppliers. It is also likely that time-related information may be linked to the model components, and this will permit the scheduling of ordering, manufacturing, and installation tasks. Model components may also have links attached which refer to any other type of computer file such as e-mail, purchase order, manufacturers website, installation specifications, cost information, and project accounting information. Almost all information can be linked to a BIM; a critical question concerns whether linking a particular type of information to the BIM is really how it will be most useful for the goals of the project. Managing information is similar to organizing a desk and a file cabinet. Some things are more efficiently accessed from the desk, others from the file cabinet; and there will probably be files that will spend one-half of the project duration on the desk and the other half in the cabinet. Even though it is theoretically possible to consider the BIM as the single central information source, it may not be practical to create it as such. Bentley systems, producer of TriForma, advocates a federated database for larger construction projects. Autodesk, somewhat naively, or perhaps from a marketing standpoint, suggests a central database for all project information. Vico is letting things work themselves out in the industry; after all there is no known construction project of any size that has managed to centralize and manage all its data successfully. The goal, however, is not to simply have access to the project information, but to be able to use it intelligently. Many factors have an effect on the information structure of a BIM. Simulation models may be produced during any of the phases of the project planning or operation, and the information contained by the model will thus also be dependent on the project s phase of development. The nature, and level of detail, and quantity of information dramatically change throughout the planning process; and the nature of the model therefore needs to reflect the requirements of the model in the particular phase of the process. This is the most important reason why it can be so difficult to keep the same model through the various phases of project planning; it may indeed be better to build a new model to the required specifications for the associated phase of the project. Nevertheless, it is very important to carefully plan the collaborated model so that the modeling process will be as efficient as possible, and the utility of the models will be maximized. Several considerations need to be taken into account in relation to starting over with a model:
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