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The Platinum edition of XenApp includes Citrix EdgeSight software. EdgeSight provides the monitoring and reporting capabilities to enable IT administrators to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot server, network, and application programming issues that impact the user experience. EdgeSight is a comprehensive application infrastructure that can also integrate into other enterprise management suites such as IBM Tivoli NetView, HewlettPackard OpenView, and Computer Associates UniCenter TNG. 12 of this book is dedicated in its entirety to the topic of EdgeSight.
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Now is a good time to explain a somewhat unexpected attribute of the end( ) container function. end( ) does not return a pointer to the last element in a container. Instead, it returns a pointer one past the last element. Thus, the last element in a container is pointed to by end( ) 1. This feature allows you to write very efficient algorithms that cycle through all of the elements of a container, including the last one, using an iterator. When the iterator has the same value as the one returned by end( ), you know that all elements have been accessed. However, you must keep this feature in mind, since it may seem a bit counterintuitive. For example, consider the following program, which displays a list forward and backward.
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Figure 20-3 shows the query panel within the Java Report panel. Classes and Objects are displayed along the left side of the screen in the Data Manager. These are the objects that are available to use to display columns of information called result objects or to filter rows of data called query filters. Classes provide a logical grouping of objects. The objects in the Result Objects pane and those in the Query Filters pane can be different. For example, you can create a query to display a list of customers in NJ. Customer would be a result object, and State would be a query filter. In Figure 20-3, Lines, Category, Year, and Sales Revenue are the result objects. City is a query filter. Within the Data Manager pane, each object type has its own icon. As described in 9, universes contain several object types: A dimension object is denoted with a blue cube and is typically textual information by which you analyze numeric measures, such as product, region, or year. These should be the first columns in your query result. A measure is a number that you wish to analyze; it is denoted by a pink sphere or circle. A detail object provides additional information about a particular dimension such as a phone number; it is denoted with a green pyramid. A condition object helps you filter your query results according to a predefined set of conditions. This type of object is denoted with a filter icon.
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printf("%d", addr_info.customer_num);
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Web site: Contact: Peter Eckhoff <> (919) 477-9697 Mailing: 9 Sedley Place, Durham, NC 27705-2191 Meetings: 3rd Saturday of the month
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Maintain Your Digital Camera
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YOU TRY IT Suppose that a massive ball falls from a height of 600 feet. After
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Sort Results with orderby
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Initializing Arrays of Objects
This 88-year-old woman has a biopsy proven basal cell carcinoma under a dark plaque. Clinically, both lesions seem to be connected. Leaf-like structures fill the pigmented component of this basal cell carcinoma. Asymmetrically pigmented follicular openings are plentiful. A few rhomboid structures can be identified. Irregular blotches with and without follicular openings indicate dermal invasion in this melanoma. 5. Extensive regression characterizes this heavily pigmented basal cell carcinoma. 1. 2. 3. 4.
A security team in the organization can analyze this information and use it to improve defenses on the systems that actually do contain sensitive or valuable information. NOTE An organization that sets up a honeypot needs to take care that the honeypot cannot be used as a platform to successfully attack real production systems, or to stage an attack on another organization s systems. A honeynet is just what the term implies: a network of computers that are all acting as honeypots to emulate a complex production environment that consists of several computers. Change Management and Configuration Management The protection of sensitive and valuable information particularly that which is exposed to the Internet depends upon the integrity of the entire environment. The environment s integrity can be assured only to the extent to which it is controlled; this means that all minor and major changes made to the environment must be managed through formal change management and configuration management processes. These processes are described in detail in 5. Incident Management Incident management is the two-part process of proactive and responsive activities that help to reduce the likelihood and impact of security incidents. The proactive side of incident management helps to prevent incidents from occurring at all, while the responsive side helps to quickly contain incidents and make changes to reduce the likelihood and impact of future incidents. Incident management is discussed in detail at the beginning of this chapter in the section, Information Security Management. Security Awareness Training Security awareness training helps every person in the organization be more familiar with how their tasks and responsibilities help to protect the organization s assets. Familiarity with security concepts and responsibilities helps each staff member make better decisions that help reduce risk. This training is discussed in detail at the beginning of this chapter in the section, Information Security Management.
In CorelDRAW X4, you can now copy blends between objects using the Eyedropper and Paintbucket tools. To do this, choose the Eyedropper Tool and have both the objects in view. Try this now.
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Any intermediate LSRs along the LSP need only examine the tunnel label in order to forward the packet along the tunnel LSP they do not need to be aware of the existence of one or more pseudowires within the tunnel LSP. Intermediate LSRs may also push or pop additional labels, for example, for fast reroute protection or in cases where LSP hierarchy is used. The egress PE uses the PW label to determine which attachment circuit to forward the received Layer 2 frame on. Note that for some Layer 2 protocols, such as Ethernet (see Figure 14.3 below), the frame header is carried across the pseudowire, whereas for others, such as Frame Relay, it is removed and a new header is added by the egress PE. When carrying Layer 2 traffic over MPLS, the MPLS label stack sits between the service provider s Layer 2 header and the service user s Layer 2 frame (which may or may not include a header). When Ethernet is carried over MPLS and there is an Ethernet link between two MPLS LSRs, there will be two MAC headers on each packet, separated by an MPLS label stack.
Wide Area Networks
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