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Figure 16.4 Rapidly deploying Ethernet services by using Ethernet demarcation
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More Data Types and Operators
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; void swap(int *a, int *b); int main() { int x, y; x = 99; y = 88; cout << x << " " << y << "\n"; swap(&x, &y); // exchange their values cout << x << " " << y << "\n"; return 0; } // C-like, explicit pointer version of swap(). void swap(int *a, int *b) { int t; t = *a; *a = *b;
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3. Use a 1/2-inch spade bit to drill into the void behind the wall containing the existing phone jack. 4. On the new telephone cable, tie the end in a knot, and feed plenty of cable into the void behind the wall. 5. From the room housing the existing jack, remove the junction box for the existing phone jack from the wall, or poke a hole into the back of the junction box. You can use a bent coat hanger to retrieve the cable from within the wall, as Figure 12-7 shows, pulling it through the wall or the junction box.
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Figure 5.2 64/65-octet encoding examples
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This object group uses the same envelope but different mapping options.
Excel s features for formatting numbers are quite well developed. The menus under Format show the different ways that values
Value is: Value is: Value is: Value is: Value is: Summation 0 1 2 3 4 of first 5 elements: 10
The time required to pinpoint a required bit of information, prior to retrieving it, is referred to as access time. Access time is such an important part of the overall performance and responsiveness of a CD-ROM drive that it is usually featured prominently in the drive speci cations and product advertising. Access times for CD-ROM drives are noticeably inferior to hard disk drives; while it is not uncommon for a hard disk drive to have an access time below 8 milliseconds, the fastest 32x CD-ROM drives can typically do no better than 100 milliseconds. If you re presenting material on CD-ROM, particularly material with media-rich content, you ll be working continually to overcome the inherent sluggishness of the CD-ROM for delivering data to your system (and your customers or clients systems). The problem is becoming less severe with the universal proliferation of 24x and 32x CD-ROM drives, but since the nature of multimedia content is also pushing the bandwidth envelope, performance considerations continue to be an important issue for CD-ROM developers. A number of tips to address this problem appear in later chapters.
The following two sections will discuss how to exempt WebVPN inbound connections from ACL checks and controlling the encryption algorithm(s) the user can use for the SSL traffic.
work as well as nylon for making stockings 2. Would you prefer to keep your milk in a polymer container or a glass container Why
SIP Layer 7 Class Maps
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p {max-width: 90%;} img.sidefig {max-width: 200px;} div.sidebar {max-width: 20em;}
Appendix A
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