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Hidden classes and objects are items that appear to you as the designer in italics but that users do not see when creating queries against this universe. Because the items still exist in the universe, they do take up space and will increase the size of the universe. Some designers will hide items so that all columns within the data mart appear to the designer but not to the user. I don t like this use of Hide because of the impact on universe size. However, Hide is useful when you want to hide work in progress or if you wish to remove an object but want a transition period to ensure that the removed object will not create problems for the users. You also may want to hide an object that users will never access directly but that you as the designer may reference in @WHERE or other object logic. In the following example, I ve added the table ARTICLE_COLOR_LOOKUP; Designer automatically added the corresponding class and objects. I don t want the users to see these items yet, as they are not in business terms, nor have I added my joins.
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The Coaching Competency Model
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lthough they re different effects, blends and contours share the common property of creating many shapes based on a control shape; the additional shapes are dynamically linked to the control object, and the in-between objects will vary in size, color, and outline shape depending on how you set up the effect. Blends and contours are a boon to the designer who wants to add shading to flat color fills in a way that fountain fills do not. Additionally, blend objects can be used to illustrate the transition between two objects of similar or completely dissimilar shape. This chapter takes you through the use of blends and contours so you can add these effects to your bag of illustration tricks and create outstanding, intriguing work.
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Integrated Services Digital Network 206 Wide Area Networks
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This page intentionally left blank
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Video Conference
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Access Controls
public ByTwos() { val = 0; } // Get or set value using a property. public int Next { get { val += 2; return val; } set { val = value; } } // Get a value using an index. public int this[int index] { get { val = 0; for(int i=0; i < index; i++) val += 2; return val; } } } // Demonstrate an interface indexer. class SeriesDemo4 { static void Main() { ByTwos ob = new ByTwos(); // Access series through a property. for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob.Next); Console.WriteLine("\nStarting at 21"); ob.Next = 21; for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob.Next); Console.WriteLine("\nResetting to 0"); ob.Next = 0; // Access series through an indexer. for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob[i]); } }
Table 19-2. Summary Database Redundancy Options
If you ve configured your Cisco devices correctly (with IP addressing and routing information and the appropriate commands on the VTYs), you should be able to telnet to them successfully. However, if you have followed the advice mentioned earlier in the Remote Access to Your IOS Device section, you might have to test connectivity with SSH instead. Cisco routers and switches support both incoming and outgoing telnet and SSH. This assumes you have set up the VTYs and configured your IP addressing correctly. To open up a telnet session from your IOS device, you can use any of the following three methods:
size orphans orphans sets the minimum number of lines in an element that must appear at the bottom of a page.
B i o p h y s i c s D emys tifie D
Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
Figure 30-7: Delays across a VoIP network
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