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To change the idle timeout for the RTP UDP connections, use this command:
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Understanding Optical Fiber
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Fig. 5.22 The Unbond-and-Isolate Approach
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Method public virtual bool ContainsKey(object k) public virtual bool ContainsValue(object v) public virtual object GetByIndex(int idx) public virtual IDictionaryEnumerator GetEnumerator( ) public virtual object GetKey(int idx) public virtual IList GetKeyList( ) public virtual IList GetValueList( ) public virtual int IndexOfKey(object k) public virtual int IndexOfValue(object v) public virtual void SetByIndex(int idx, object v) public static SortedList Synchronized(SortedList sl) public virtual void TrimToSize( )
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Anyone with a good idea and some initiative can get involved in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM publishing today the tools have improved to the point that a typical desktop computer can host an 8x CD recorder, 4x DVD-R recorder, or a CD duplicator that can produce 8 or more discs at a time. You don t have to look back very far in the short history of this industry to get a sense of how different it was in the beginning. In another short excerpt from The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher, Chris Andrews describes one of the rst serious CD publishing tools: If you worked for Meridian Data in the late 80 s, you were cool. You were hip. Meridian was a very tiny company with an extremely big presence in the CD-ROM industry. It seemed as if every major announcement in CD-ROM involved Meridian Data. Part rebel, part industry leader, part corporate ass-kiss, everyone had an opinion of Meridian Data, whether they worked for the company or not. Meridian s main product was CD Publisher. It had been introduced in 1986, and about three-quarters of the world s CD-ROM producers used CD Publisher to build their CD-ROMs. As the salespeople at Meridian used to say, If you want to be a player, you need to step up to a CD Publisher. Building on the fear that most people had about making their own CD-ROM, that sales tactic worked superbly. CD Publisher was deceptively simple: it was a large hard disk with some software for formatting a CD-ROM before sending it to the factory for pressing. It debuted in 1986, giving CD-ROM publishers the ability to become in-house publishers. It included an assortment of utilities and hardware that would be helpful to a CD-ROM publisher, like a nine-track tape drive so that when your CD-ROM information was the way you wanted it on a hard disk, you could copy it on tape to send to the factory. It was big and bulky and looked more like a washing machine than anything high-tech. It was sold as a desktop CD-ROM publishing product. What was on your desk, though, was a computer. The computer was hooked up to the 300-pound CD Publisher that sat next to your desk. One of Meridian s ad campaigns made fun of this, and showed a box of Tide sitting on a CD Publisher. That campaign was symbolic of not only the size of the product, but the attitude of the company.
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Value Types
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// A non-generic class can be the base class of a generic derived class. using System; // A non-generic class. class NonGen { int num; public NonGen(int i) { num = i; } public int GetNum() { return num; } } // A generic derived class. class Gen<T> : NonGen { T ob; public Gen(T o, int i) : base (i) { ob = o; } // Return ob. public T GetOb() { return ob; } } // Create a Gen object. class HierDemo3 { static void Main() { // Create a Gen object for string. Gen<String> w = new Gen<String>("Hello", 47); Console.Write(w.GetOb() + " "); Console.WriteLine(w.GetNum()); } }
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Classful protocols have problems with discontiguous subnet masks; classless
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Amplifier Design
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Gated output power. In order to provide maximum system capacity, the CDMA cellular system uses a variable-rate voice coder. The coder varies the data rate according to the activity in the voice channel. When the voice coder drops below full rate (9600 bps), a CDMA mobile pulses its output on and off proportionally with the data rate reduction. Thus, at half rate a CDMA mobile transmits 50 percent of the time, and at one-eighth rate (1200 bps), it transmits 12.5 percent of the time. To minimize interference caused by pulsing the RF carrier, IS-98 specifies a timeversus-amplitude template to which a CDMA mobile must conform. Figure 19.9 shows the required rise and fall times with which a CDMA mobile must comply when it pulses its output. Unlike many TDMA systems, the CDMA time-versus-amplitude specification only specifies a 20 dB dynamic range. This is possible since all CDMA mobiles use the same frequency anyway, and they are designed to operate at that level of interference. 19.7.3 Receiver tests
This test (Figure 5.25), using a digital multimeter and a silver-silver chloride reference electrode, will determine whether the boat s present sacri cial zincs are protecting the boat s underwater metallic masses: 1. Set the multimeter to measure DC volts. 2. Connect the meter s + input to an underwater metallic mass or, if there is a common bonding system (as shown), to engine negative ground. 3. Connect the reference electrode to the meter s input, and lower the electrode into the water. Compare the reading to those of Table 5.2 to see whether the zinc anodes are adequate. If the readings indicate underprotection, replace or add zinc anodes.
Figure 5.3.7 Model of the structural concrete of a 38-story apartment building, with the dialog box showing the link between a wall element and the Estimator recipe. (Image courtesy of Turner Construction, Seattle, Washington.)
Wireless Issues
D T N Now take the time to revisit both chapters lessons and exercises and use the following four steps to reflect on what you learned this week. Allow these four steps to help move you toward your equilibrium for higher learning and understanding.
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