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where cos is the power factor. Let s quickly review how to nd the effective value for the voltage of a household outlet and then see how to use average power in practice. EXAMPLE 10-3 The voltage of an ordinary outlet is v(t) = 120 sin 377t. What is the effective voltage SOLUTION The effective voltage is V0 170 Veff = = = 120 V 2 2 EXAMPLE 10-4 An electrical device is rated at 120 V 220 W, with a power factor of 0.7 lagging. , Describe the makeup of the device in terms of passive circuit elements.
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An exception caught by one catch can be rethrown so that it can be caught by an outer catch. The most likely reason for rethrowing an exception is to allow multiple handlers access to the exception. For example, perhaps one exception handler manages one aspect of an exception, and a second handler copes with another aspect. To rethrow an exception, you simply specify throw, without specifying an expression. That is, you use this form of throw: throw ; Remember, when you rethrow an exception, it will not be recaught by the same catch clause. Instead, it will propagate to an outer catch. The following program illustrates rethrowing an exception. In this case, it rethrows an IndexOutOfRangeException.
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ciscoasa(config)# group-policy policy_name attributes ciscoasa(config-group-policy)# webvpn ciscoasa(config-group-webvpn)# customization value {DfltCustomization | profile_name}
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Click-drag to expand/reduce page tab area. qr code reader
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This industry is new enough that other possibilities may emerge or be developed overnight. The following case study illustrates how the characteristics of DVD suggested an entirely new model for video rentals and how a company was built around this simple premise.
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Figure 15-4. Smart card authentication for the PN Agent
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The default statement sequence is performed if no matches are found. The default is optional; if it is not present, no action takes place if all matches fail. When a match is found, the statements associated with that case are executed until the break is encountered or, in the case of the default or the last case, the end of the switch is reached. There are four important things to know about the switch statement:
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ipa[2] = &var;
The Windows arp command allows you to display the ARP table, delete entries in it, or add static entries to it. The more common parameters to the command are shown in Table 6-7.
FileStream defines two methods that read bytes from a file: ReadByte( ) and Read( ). To read a single byte from a file, use ReadByte( ), whose general form is shown here:
<< >> Left shift Right shift
The structures that correspond to C# s built-in value types were introduced in 14 when they were used to convert strings holding human-readable numeric values into their equivalent binary values. Here these structures are examined in detail. The .NET structure names and their C# keyword equivalents are shown in the following table:
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